Monday, January 06, 2014

From Flawsophy's Evil Twin Edition ... 

Reading a lot of internet popular pieces like Marry a Girl who likes Biryani / likes reading / likes writing. I find that people place a lot of premium on being unique and a “class apart” from others. However, I could help being amused how all these fokii, fokii ultra-modern people have the same very formula for being unique, staying distinctive and doing their own thing. Sort of like owning an iPhone is no longer cool when everyone around you has one. Or how 80% of people think they are above-average drivers ….

Today, everyone
  • Is progressive
  • Is liberal
  • Is open-minded
  • Is easy-going
  • Is secular
  • Has no caste feeling
  • Likes nature
  • Likes trekking
  • Has a digital camera, pursues photography and watermarking their name on their “compositions” …
  • Is extroverted and loves, simply loves to meet new people, ya
  • Likes traveling to new places
  • Has accepted that one has to market herself or you will never get anywhere in life …
  • Wants a job with a work-from-home option
  • Is constantly on the WhatsApp in their smartphones
  • Totally cool with live-in relationship …
  • Trying new exotic places to eat and actually can tolerate continental breakfast
  • Checks out the nightlife, lounges and music events every Friday
  • Doesn’t care about politics because it’s too dirty  and all politicians are corrupt anyway
  • Fantasizes about having some social service as a hobby
  • Loves hanging out with friends in coffee shops
  • Has a blog
  • Tried google hangout with old college buddies and had a good time catching up …
  • Claim that their primary hobbies as reading, watching movies and music
  • Shifted to sending e-greetings ‘coz paper greetings and pens are soooo 1990s …
  • Recognizes Facebook as a very efficient birthday reminder
  • Thinks it’s the age to be practical and not very sentimental about the past
  • Thinks media is screwed up
  • Doesn’t care what others think of them
  • Everyone, both girls and boys, want to be invited to a girls’ night-out (for totally different yet obvious reasons, of course)
  • Either likes cooking or hates it like an adult feminist
  • Wants to / is planning / has been on a trip to Goa
  • Only so-so with their mother tongue but uses the F-word quite accurately
  • Owns more than one pair of branded sunglasses
  • Serious about mother’s day, valentines’ day and earth day …
  • Wants to be cool with everything and judge no one
  • Wants the society to give the freedom to wear what they want, when they want.
  • Prides in knowledge of cars, brands and gizmos
  • Uses the word “Biaatch” in a fond way
  • Has a secret but a definitive opinion on body image and fat burning
  • Has the same level of outrage for rape, LGBT rights and corruption
  • Likes road trips
  • Pro-globalization and pro-growth
  • Rather be a jack of all trades than a master of none
  • Digs club football or F-1 racing or both
  • Wants to aim for that work-life balance
  • Wants to be a part of the Chetan Bhagat’s Young India which is dreaming of making it big
  • Is open to anything, wants to keep all options open and may be do an MBA degree one day
  • Wants to do everything and have no regrets …
  • Is spiritual but not religious …
  • Wants to taste everything at least once esp. the contraband stuff
  • Slowly inching towards thinking mineral water pani-puri is probably safer …
  • Believes in the invisible hand of the markets …

Ok … now that I have got you started … why don’t you guys roll in some ?


smanu said...

Looks like I don't fall under this fokii fokii ultra modern people. Almost half of the points are not applicable to me! I perhaps belong to a different category(large one ok, I'm not trying to be class apart u see!) Like - I'm not on Whatsapp, I've been too laidback to have persued any hobbies, Goa is not on my mind, I don't even have one pair of Sunglasses, I love to specialize and rather be master of something and the list goes on...

"I find that people place a lot of premium on being unique..." Good observation! So those who try to be different and those who know that being too different is not possible, all end up being same??!! Nice! Its good to know that most of us are similar - good or bad! Atleast we are strong in numbers!

Sash! said...

hehe ... yeah ... am not that cool anyway ... almost none of these apply to me ... :)

Twilight Musings said...


Whaaa.....almost none apply to you?
Here I was thinking you are most certainly "open-minded easy-going secular progressive" (espl. followed by gay-neutral blog post), "have a blog", and most likely "likes cooking".

Sash! said...

Yes, sorry ... I think let me take that back ... edho alaa casual gaa noru jaaresaanu ... :)

Definitely, some of them apply to me ... if i want to start counting ...

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