Friday, January 31, 2014


Indian supreme court refuses to review ban on gay sex

The whole gay marriage debate reminds me of what mythologist Joseph Campbell once wrote how “There’s no real conflict between science and religion … What is in conflict is the science of 2000 BC … and the science of the 20th century AD.”. Here’s that complete quote:

“I would say that all our sciences are the material that has to be mythologized. A mythology gives spiritual import - what one might call rather the psychological, inward import, of the world of nature round about us, as understood today.  There’s no real conflict between science and religion … What is in conflict is the science of 2000 BC … and the science of the 20th century AD.”
― Joseph Campbell
I know many people see this as a moral debate of who are we stop two people from loving each other but to me, there’s also a scientific undertone especially since the opponents term homosexuality as “unnatural”. Well, why don’t we ask science about it rather than deciding these things based on whether it makes you cringe or not ?

According to modern science, homosexuality is perfectly natural beyond all reasonable doubt. I am too lazy to google links right now but if you want proof, its just a few clicks away to find evidence for gayness in humans, animals and probably some bacteria too. The science wasn’t ready 600 years back to conclusively establish this, so as it usually happens in history, the majority demographic thought they could be dicks and get away with that. They bullied the minorities and it was declared “unnatural” by law. Today, we are in a different era, culturally and scientifically, in our species’ history,  and no wonder, we are seeing across the world a wave of debates and overthrowing of laws banning homosexuality and other laws that no longer have scientific backing.

Here’s the ironic thing. Homosexuality was considered perfectly natural in Ancient Greece but the same elite thought that women and slaves are lesser morals and not worthy enough to vote. Today, we got it all backwards. It always this: BIOLOGY ENABLES, CULTURE INHIBITS. Nothing in nature even said anything about women or people from lower strata being unfit for certain tasks. It took a while but science won. Today, we have no slavery, women are equal to men in all aspects and homosexuality is on its way out in many countries (except ours, ofcourse) - just as modern science and biology reaffirms.

That’s the thing that gives me hope. Throughout history, science has always won and is going to win eventually. All these cultural preservationists are gonna lose and they are gonna cry about how the culture is becoming corrupted and the values are being eroded. Good for them.



Rohan said...

Good article. . Reminds me of the quote by Neil deGrass Tyson "The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it"

Sash! said...

That's a good quote. God, I cant wait for his "cosmos" series to come out ...

Thach Nguyen said...

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