Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sometimes, I wonder if I ever grew up at all since my days as a kid.

You know the best things I read in the past year ?  “The Lord of the Rings” and the “Harry Potter” series. In fact, not just past year, I never enjoyed reading something as much as these two for quite sometime. And believe me,  compared to an average person, I read heck a lot of everything.

There appears to be a decisive pattern in the stuff I truly end up liking close to the heart. As I look back at my years, it’s always the fantasy, outlandish, far-flung-from-real-life material that always enraptured me for some reason. As a kid, it was all comics and cartoons. During my school years, I built a huge comic book collection I still blame my mom for giving it away. Add that to the Star Wars and the Star Trek series of whom I am practically a walking fanatic.

One more thing I really, really love is, of course, humorous and comedic material of all sorts. From growing up in the ever funny Telugu culture and being fondly raised on Jandhyala / Rajendra Prasad movies to voraciously lapping up the quirky, goofy settings in PG Wodehouse’s writings to discovering American sitcoms like Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm to rejoicing the stand-up comedy of the likes of George Carlin, Bill Cosby, Louis CK, Chris Rock, Tina Fey, Jon Stewart etc. to the marvelous work of Woody Allen. I can go on and on about my heroes in the world of comedy. But here’s the thing. As immortal George Carlin puts it,

" …  It just depends how you construct the joke, what the exaggeration is. Every joke needs one exaggeration; every joke needs one thing out of proportion.
The world of comedy and fantasy are not very much different in the sense that both of them are an exaggerated view of reality. 

These days, a huge, huge fascination with me is studying mythology from all cultures having discovered the writings of Joseph Campbell (who, by the way, is the mentor of George Lucas - the guy who created Star Wars) - yet another departure from reality into the land of spells, boons, magical lakes and dragons.
See my general point here? I cannot seem to like that is too much rooted in real life. I mean, it’s not like I am not interested in politics or sports or philosophy, it’s just that I can’t seem to cultivate an “Ahaa!"-level interest in them. May be, I have a problem with reality and that I find it too boring that I prefer to get a skewered perspective to enjoy life. Who knows ?

What about you? Do you still keep your inner child or did any of your “tastes” evolve since your childhood days ?


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