Friday, September 06, 2013

The latest offering from the FLAWSOPHY'S EVIL TWIN EDITION ...

Here’s a thought experiment. If you put all the wise people from various great ages of history and from across all cultures of the world, I think they will probably agree with each other. Every wise one all across human history would have been this cool person who harbored a hunch deep down that life probably has no large purpose and that valuing people more over property/wealth is the right and the most moral thing to do. Be it an Upanishad scholar from ancient India to a 4th century Carthaginian playwright in the roman court to a 17th century Yoruba African dancer to a Greek philosopher from the Hellenistic age to an Amazonian shaman or that renaissance female novelist to an European alchemist to the medieval Islamic mathematician and the modern day tenured professor - I bet that all of them, barring a few disagreements here and there, would more or less agree with each other on the senselessness of the prevailing political and cultural values of their respective times, how people always tend to take themselves too seriously and how the latest trend in popular music invariably sucks.

Of course, you don’t even need to read a serious history book but just skim through a second-hand copy of World History for Dummies to realize that the crooks have always unanimously agreed and exchanged ideas with each other to stay in power and swindle massive amounts of wealth. On one level, every history book reads the same except for minor changes in details like the names characters and the sequence of events reshuffled. Other than that, it’s the same power-grabbing stratagems by the rulers and the owners of the lands, the same political deceits and the same attempts to undermine the rights of the common citizens.

So, across various historical eras in the history of mankind, while the sages and swindlers will sort of agree with each other about their ways of life, it is my guess that the middle class too would have been united ... but in their confusions of being torn apart between these two ideologies, unsure about whether to look up to the enlightened souls for finding peace in life or secretly aspire to earn and enjoy the material comforts that the powerful people had. I guess they routinely picked the most convenient side to rationalize the decisions they made that day and tackled most of their confusions by buying whatever latest gadget is selling huge in the market-place.

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