Monday, August 26, 2013

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Deadlines and time-sheets ought to be mutually exclusive.

I simply do not understand why I have to work extra hours after taking a casual leave from my work just to catch up on the on-going projects. If I am going to have to work extra, it’s not technically a leave. Is it? If I am stretching myself to meet the project deadlines, my casual leave is a merely a minor rearrangement in the time-sequence of my contributions. That’s all. And if I am meeting all deadlines, why bother filling the time-sheets and keep an account of the leaves I took and so on ? To me, this violates a very basic concept of leave itself.  

Hear me out. If the company approved me a leave from work, it means I shouldn’t be ever responsible for finishing anything that I missed. That’s the original concept of a leave. In a coal mine or a textile factory, if you missed a day’s work, the work is simply lost and the company loses that productivity. In which case, companies agreed to let us off the hook, may be, a couple of times a year in the name of “casual leave”. Nowadays, when I am a part of a project and am supposed to be meeting all my deadlines, I should be allowed to take as much leave I want as long as my absence is not a constraint for it.  My schedule, beyond a point is nobody’s business and definitely not the HR lady’s who acts like she’s doing a personal favor by  approving my vacation from the casual leaves I have accumulated by showing up everyday like a miner working on a project with a deadline.

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S said...

True that! Such a scam!

Even in school, if you missed a test by not showing didn't have to give that test again :P

Here, no respite at all! :)

Sash! said...

hehe ... oh, my !!! that's so cruelly true :)

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