Sunday, August 18, 2013

From the desk of our beloved Evil Twin ... 

That's right. Not every sorry is created equal and shouldn't be. In California, I noticed that people are more apologetic and say more sorry than folks on the east coast.

Just moments ago, I was standing in the line to get my sandwich and waitress who wanted to get past me was like, "Can you please excuse me <I have to go in that door>. Sorry. Apologies for the inconvenience". In this situation, a simple "excuse me" would have sufficed. No doubt, "Excuse", "sorry", "apologies" - 3 words for one trivial issue is highly uneconomical.

Why! The other day, I was walking in the supermarket pushing my trolley through the aisles and a bunch of little girls about age 5-6 years were busy checking out some princess pillows or something and held me up waiting for all but 2 seconds before they realized that. Immediately, the elder one instantaneously recoiled, "Oh … Sorry. Excuse us". I must confess that I was mildly upset about this. Why are little children apologizing to adults ? Children shouldn't be apologizing to anyone EVER. It's all bad conditioning too early in life to contain your actions. For one thing, they can wait till their university education begins when they can start pretending, suck up to important people, compromise on every personal trait - all to fit into mainstream. Sorry but all that can wait a little more while, dear kids.

Spouting sorry for every little damn thing and hopelessly attempting to live in a civil society where we can't afford minor inconveniences to each other is dead-end thinking. In fact, too many sorry-s floating around everyday diminishes the overall average value of a "sorry" by increasing the denominator needlessly. Next time, I forget a birthday or an anniversary of something important, even if I apologize with all my heart and a couple of hand-made greeting cards, it doesn't mean the same thing because a little girl is throwing away a sorry each time she blocks someone for 2 seconds. This can't be right.   

There is a thick, fat line between fine manners and  feeling truly remorseful and let's respect that.

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