Thursday, July 25, 2013

From the desk of FLAWSOPHY'S EVIL TWIN ...

You know what I was thinking today? That I would prefer that I find an unclaimed bag of disposable coffee cups rather than an unclaimed bag of money.

I’ll wait while that statement sinks in. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Yes, if there is one thing I absolutely hate, it’s washing my coffee mug and I am the type who drinks a lot of coffee - to the tune of at least 4 cups a day. Imagine if I had a bottomless bag full of disposable coffee cups. I can simply drink my coffee, throw the cup out and never bother to cleaning anything ever. Hence, as long as we are wishing about finding unclaimed things by the roadside, I would prefer a huge bagful of disposable coffee mugs than money.

Now, I know your obvious FAQ to the above argument: Why specifically a bag of cups? Why not wish for the money and then yourself buy the cups, the coffee and much more?

Aaah, you see? But that’s very arrogant of me to do that. If I buy the bag of non bio-degradable, I am willfully choosing to dump the planet with more of my waste, disregarding basic environmental etiquette, prick Mother Earth’s heart a little more - all because I am lazy enough to wash my mug for my own coffee consumption. That’s morally unacceptable to me. But, say, I found a bag, someone already committed that crime of planning to dump the waste. You can’t account that act second time in my name. That’s unfair. I merely found it lying on the road-side. It simply can’t be my fault. It simply isn’t my sin or my problem. Period.

As my morally flexible boss during my years in the construction industry once clearly laid out his basic approach to professional ethics, "I never ask for bribe. But, if someone offers, I see no point in saying NO. According to him, he is not in the fault as long as he himself is not explicitly demanding someone to commit an illegal act. It’s the one who, upon his own volition, is offering the bribe that accrues the karma in the transaction. Similarly, I find it absolutely okay wishing secretly to benefit from other people’s sins. Why? It’s the same strategy clever matrimonial negotiators use in Indian marriages these days in the dowry context. Once in a while, the dad of the groom would simply drop a hint like, "If they want to give their daughter a car, an apartment, brass utensils and a state-of-the-art wet grinder, why should I say no? In fact, as a father-in-law, I should encourage them to do whatever it is that they want.

Folks, always remember. The key point is to check under whose account is the karma/sins being credited to. If it’s not in yours, take the money and run.


smanu said...

I wish Karmic Accounting was that simple. I heard from an elderly woman who happened to be my Uni Librarian who is adept with scriptures and all, that: "These days we need to be careful abt whom we are helping. In case I donate to a thief or murderer and if he commits the sin and if my money is involved in one way or the other in the act, then I too get a share in the credit for the sin, even if I was ignorant of his credentials..."

So if she is right, my understanding is that: Karma has three shares - that of the commit-ers/doers, that of the knowledgeable facilitators and that of the innocent facilitators.

So that person who "committed that crime of planning to dump the waste" has perhaps changed his mind from being a doer and ended up being a facilitator. So if u happen to find that bag accidentally and happen to decide to use it, you would be taking a decision to become the doer and own up a larger share of Karma than the initial guy, perhaps???

smanu said...

Or maybe four categories: Knowledgeable doers, Innocent doers, Knowledgeable facilitators, Innocent faciltators :) And maybe those accountants even have a grading on the scale of innocence and knowledge!

Sash! said...

ailaaa ... you made a full-on theory for karma accounting :)

okk ... ffine ... i am an innocent doer downstream of a knowledgeable facilitator. He is completely culpable. why would anyone leave a leave a bag of cups on the road unless you are trying to transfer some of the karma ... this very devious act of him makes him a knowledgeable doer as well :P

smanu said...

Thank you, thank you! After a long long time I feel a bit accomplished for having thought this way, but thanks for triggering these thoughts.

But let me tell you this frankly, you more sound like a knowledgeable doer to me, completely utilizing the acts of a knowledgeable facilitator :) And after having admitted outrightly in the blog - "Similarly, I find it absolutely okay wishing secretly to benefit from other people’s sins." don't even add that tag "innocent" beside you, please!!!

Sash! said...

hehe ... damn it, you caught me :)

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