Friday, June 07, 2013

From the inimitable desk of FLAWSOPHY'S EVIL TWIN ...

One time, I was traveling to my home town of Rajahmundry by train and sitting across me  in the compartment was this wonderful, very friendly elderly family. It was a long journey and I connected very well with them as we discussed a wide range of topics. We even took the bonding from “Intermediate Level” bonding of borrowing each other’s news-papers / reading materials to the “Advanced level” bonding that which involves buying coffee and sharing food.

Soon, it was time to depart. My station would soon arrive and I was getting ready to collect my luggage and move towards the exit door. I thought I should say good bye to these people. Soon, my social awkwardness genes are swiftly at work as I stood there wondering what’s a nice good-bye note: 

"........."Take Care. Bye Bye” ? Naah! That’s too casual. “Bye Bye” is for people when you helped them put their berth up for sleeping and smiled at them twice in 14 hours. We together shared curd rice and discussed yesteryear actress Suryakantham. Have to come up with something more meaningful than that !!! … what about “See you around” ? Truth be told, I am not going to see them ever again. There is nothing common between us. I am an engineering grad student in USA. He’s a medical doctor living in the UK. They are originally from Hyderabad. I am from Rajahmundry. And look at the age-difference. There is nothing common ...

          "... God, why can't I think of a decent exit line to say to short-term good acquaintances ?  Will you relax? it's just a good-bye. Why do things like this have to be complicated ? Do you realize how little time normal people spend to decide on a good-bye to near strangers ? .........

Lost in thoughts, I probably stood there staring at them with my mouth open as I unsuccessfully tried to improvise a decent farewell message when he said,

“Well, it’s a small world these days. I am sure we will run into each other sometime in future”.

I replied back, “Yeah!” and got off the train. And I was simply impressed with his valediction. Of course, today’s a smaller world compared to the 1920s but it’s not that small a world too that a UK based NRI doctor would run into a student attending grad school in USA casually twice in their life-times. It could happen but I wouldn’t bet too much on that. But, it’s a great, genius way to use “It’s a small world” than the usual, boring way we use it everyday.

From then on, I always used this line to bid adieu to people whom I am positive I will never see them again in life. And not surprisingly, this style always stirs everyone a little bit.


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