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Check out the post I co-wrote with GTOOSPHERE.

The thing that really baffles me is why people aren't tired of it ? I mean it’s the same Telugu movie over and over again. Every hero in any mainstream production is essentially the same misogynistic, boorish, less talented knock off of yesteryear Chiranjeevi but with an unlimited SMS pack on his cellphone. He keeps fighting the same villain – a power hungry businessman-feudal lord with a daughter of marriageable age. The romance is the same outdated, self-repeating, boring-as-a-block-of-wood Neanderthal mythology where the damsel in distress falls for the eve teasing brick-brain because he is probably a “nice guy” at heart.

People basically have been watching the same potboiler for the last 15 years. And they don't get it? These are the same people who will shout if their mom cooks the same vegetable twice in a week! 

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Ramya V said...

Hahaha 'cleavage, navel, and sunitha's voice' is classic! Also, the one with mommy cooking the same vegetable twice :D

And I cannot agree more on the pathetic reading habits of this generation, especially the young adults with horrible attention span.

Off the post, I am just curious about the writing style. If you don't mind me asking, how does it work? Particularly the ones by the writer duo? Both you and your brother sit together and converse/write, or each does the bit separately and then put it together?

P.S. I tried posting the comment in gtoosphere's blog, but he wouldn't let me even through my blogger account.

Twilight Musings said...

LoL. This is hoot.
People wrote rants like this 15 years ago. Asking where is another "Sankarabaram"? or whatever..I remember my parents going to second-show every other week to watch so many crappy movies. But, they all faded out of memory and good ones stood. My aunt was in-charge of our Saturday afternoon baby-sitting for a while and we saw truck load of "cleavage, navel, Rojaramani voice" 20 years ago in matinee shows. I am still slightly traumatized by "aa okkati adakku" and "jamba lakadi pamba".

It is the same again. There is a lot of quantity and some quality ones will come up(Mithunam?)
They were there every year if one only looks for them.

Also, when are movies high-brow anyway? They are the LCD once there is a movie theatre in every small town/village. The movie dynamics reflect perfectly what people think. If it was high-brow only, it would have gone the way of Classical music or dance. There aren't enough "elites" to patronize them.

Gults live on caste identity in politics, in forming ex-pat associations, and the G2 himself previously used his caste as one of the markers of his identity, although he has since moved on.

So, what's so surprising with identifying movie heroes based on caste? Aren't people in mixed-race-national societies being fans based on group-identity?

Anyways, I don't understand the thing with books either. When were popular books any high-brow either? My well-read aunts had steady diet of Yaddanapudi-Gult equivalent of Mills&Boon (watch "Secretary" or "Meena" for clueless "forward" heroines). The macho equivalent of it was by Malladi, Yandamoori, Chandu Sombaabu (my uncles fondly recollect secretly reading "Shadow" series). How is that any better literature reading then watching any mass hero Gult movie? I find this comparison strange anyway. People weren't reading "Veyi Padagalu" even 40years ago.

People are reading 'English' novels these days and there's Chetan Bagat. Just because they are reading, they didn't start with Tolstoy or Austen anyway. :)

Akkineni Nagarjuna once said that all mass movies are targeted for a early-20s guy. As long as early 20s guys think that way, they adore those mass hero movies. Everybody else (from early 40s to early teens) wants to feel like that early 20s guy and watches those movies.

Here's the good things about last 15 years: Aame (first time heroine rips up taali), boat load of Soundarya movies (raped heroine), New-NRI directors (Anand, Godavari, Hyderabad Blues), Madhumaasam, Bommarillu, Sasirekha Parinayam (even if Genelia sorely tests one's patience), Astachemma, Eega. Many more since I don't have regular access to Telugu movies.

If you count only "mass" heroes, then limit to hormonal young guys. That is what hormonal young guys want everywhere, beating crap out of everyone, ginormous ego, pretty clueless gals falling at their feet. Are you suggesting movie industry shouldn't make money off of human nature?? :)

Whew...quite a rant..

Sash! said...


thank u, thank u :)

hehe ... At this point, I am somehow compelled to insert the word "flattered" (Yup. Just did :P). The joint posts are a family trade secret recipe but you can't steal much anyway. So, here goes. Frankly, many things happen but mostly on the lines of me blackmailing him to "better include my name or else ... amma tho chepthaanu" type stuff :)

I guess, someone does a first cut and other one puts their flavor and yada,yada,yada ... a couple of iterations later, we get really vexed up and decide to "publish the damn thing, get it over with and move on to more pleasant things in life" ... THAT'S HOW WE WING IT :P

@twilight: First of all, I had to look up "ginormous" to make sure it's not made up :)

well ... sure these are all old complaints. But, every generation needs to hear them fresh from their fellows. Don't they ?

It's the duty of the whiners to issue a progress report on how the rest of you are doing. Besides, records of timeless complaints like this will indicate to our future alien invaders and destroyers that we humans have not progressed at all from generation to generation. So, that's very much in line with the sense of social responsibility I have assumed in this life.

If at all, we are suggesting anything it is that may the world remain essentially the same way. It's very, very entertaining this way. Just a little less violence and a little more stupidity will be perfect. Peace out :)

BTW. Alaa modalayindhi is a good movie. I liked that one.

Twilight Musings said...


Yeah, I remembered later that I should also include most Naani-as-hero movies. 'Sudigaadu' was hilarious exactly for parody of movie tropes.

Anyway, what is amusing is that people didn't do "Movies/culture these days is getting worse than in those days.." until they are in their early 50s (mid-life crisis).

Couple of guys barely cracking to 30s have already started "culture these days.." rants?? :)

That is progress indeed.

Sash! said...

Are you suggesting I am like a 50-year old already?

God, No!!! :)

smanu said...

Let me join the chorus!

Just coz ppl criticized movies 15 years ago, that cannot stop us from criticizing them now! Everybody takes their own time and each of us has a slot! If that was the rule, human beings should be growing spiritually in an exponential fashion as the generations progress, but fortunately that's not the case! On the other hand, if our parents erred, that does not necessiate that we too err...

Coming to the post, the quality of the telugu movies is pathetic at the it the age of the industry and hence decreased dedication or be it the resilient acceptance of the audience or be it the sheer commercial interests of new age movie makers...

But then its tiring when ppl keep saying "we've already been there" without proposing any solution, otherwise what's the point in even saying that out? That's exactly the yester-year movie makers and critics do on TV every now n then looking at the current-gen movies!As for me, I feel that since a vicious circle has been created owing to movie-makers and audience ruining each other by fostering bad quality in a give-take fashion, it has to be broken down somewhere. One has to start somewhere and the easiest way to me seems to be - audience plainly rejecting them!

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