Monday, April 15, 2013

Check out what's cookin' of late in our EVIL TWIN 's kitchen ... 

We would be hanging out and once in a while, the discussion moves to the wildest things we have done or been a part of. Some people actually have a good story to tell in discussions like this. They would done cool stuff like running away from home, storming into their boss's office and impulsively quitting their job or being a part of a childhood street gang who would get into fights with rival gangs etc. These rule-breaking, adventurous type people are, of course, the real bad-ass guys.

Then there would be some blokes whose wildest thing they ever did would be something like:

"There is this small stretch on the highway on way to work where the max. speed drops down to  45 mph from 60 mph but I never slow down. Who slows down all the way for a half a mile ?  Pffff … "

"… I was walking on the side-walk and it started pouring. It was a sudden crazy cloud burst. But you know what I did? I just kept walking. I got drenched but I didn't care"

Quite frankly, I would not consider this a classic bad-ass behavior but if they think so, why not? I am in a grateful mood today. But, hey, I totally understand these mild bad-ass people. Breaking rules for some people can be quite hard.

Now, as of me, I have done some outrageous stuff in my life. I did stuff like sky-diving and once risked a semi-dangerous, cliff-hanging incident during a trek on a very icy mountain, I openly confronted my boss and ratted out on him with his superior in a previous job just to show that I have had enough of him,  I gotten myself into enough trouble for not having a filter between my brain & my tongue, I have chased some really impractical (and unsuccessful) romantic vistas, I have serious trouble adjusting to the established rules of the game when it comes to doing my research work, there may have been a few instances that involved magic potions from the village-druid's apothecary, etc. However, none of them would make the cut for actual cool stuff that make one a hyperbolic lead character in those mass-oriented, commercial south indian movies. Nevertheless, it's a decent record that I don't have to keep a count of the number of times I went over the speed limit when the cop is not looking. In other words, I think I am a type-B, medium grade, intermediate-level, blue-belt certified bad-ass - somewhere between the mild and the real one.

"I am a medium bad-ass".  That's the kind of life's-motto-statement one should be able to display on their dating profile and see how it goes :)


Twilight Musings said...

Don't we rate "bad-ass" as something that we think needs courage to do that is beyond our everyday limit? (Say, some people go sky-diving every weekend, others need important mile-stone like 30th birthday to do it)

How can there be universal "medium" bad-ass? Any rating is only a reflection of our courage, no?

Sash! said...

Sure. It's subjective.

But, one can try setting a universal definition for "being bad-ass" by looking at the cultural average of normal behavior.

Or may be I am talking from my perspective. Of what I think of real bad-ass versus "What? Seriously? That's bad ass for you? blah!".

Either way, I still I would fall in the medium cluster :)

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