Thursday, February 14, 2013

Who says V-day is only for confirmed couples? Let’s not get bullied by people who have plans.

Flawsophy wishes the V-DAY to all the lovchuvers in all possible civil and not-that-much-civil unions: be it happily married, somehow married, engaged, courting, 'living-together'ers, the ones in the moving "but had some good times" out stage, folks in open relationships, folks in relationships with other open-minded people in them, anxious ones in a long-term 'hoping to settle down soon' relationships, the bottom-liners in those short-term 'BLAH! just-a-fling, nothing serious' thingies, the confused medium-term 'not-so-sure, fingers crossed' ones, long-distance haulers, on-screen lovers, off-screen flirts, gold-diggers & the gold-digged, friends with benefits, secret-admirers, casual daters, platonic partners, serial cheaters, unrequited lovers, secret liaisonists, relationship-crushes, internet buddies, awkward friendies, pen-pals, speed-dating couples, experimental trios, mutual crushes, flesh buddies, imaginary friends, frenemies, bromance-rs, sophisticated set-ups like Boston marriages, the interesting blokes who dig Dutch wives / body pillows / dakimakuras, hapless hearties stuck in love triangles, stuck in any love n-sided polygon (n>3),  stuck in love-chains (Ex: "Oh! I love a person who loves another weirdo who loves some other …" ), stuck on a deserted island ... wherever you might be:
in-the-closet or back-on-the-street or under-the-bed or in-between-the-sheets or doing-the-town , it simply shouldn't matter. LET EVERYONE SEIZE THE DAY.

Later, Pope Gelasius I muddled things in the 5th century by combining St. Valentine's Day with Lupercalia to expel the pagan rituals. But the festival was more of a theatrical interpretation of what it had once been. Lenski adds, "It was a little more of a drunken revel, but the Christians put clothes back on it. That didn't stop it from being a day of fertility and love. 
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Oh! Yes, I almost forgot … The Song :)


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