Tuesday, January 01, 2013

FLAWSOPHY's Evil Twin argues that there is no such thing as a “quiet celebration”.

When I asked a lot of people how did they celebrate the new year’s eve, most of them said:

“Oh ! We had a quiet celebration with just us, the family. We had our dinner and stayed up late watching TV and welcomed the New Year”.
WHAT? That’s it? Sure, it seems quiet but it’s definitely not a celebration. Ok? Staying at home, having dinner and watching TV later is like a typical Tuesday weeknight not a new year celebration.

You know what some dudes did that night ? They got stone-drunk, sat on a motorbike in threes, went zig-zagging at illegal speeds around the empty streets in the town, screaming “HOOO HOOO … HAPPY NEW YEAR … HOO HOO … ” while letting off fireworks from the moving vehicle. Some of them even fell down in that drunken excitement and got hurt so bad that ambulances had to be summoned. Now, that’s not some douche-bag behavior, that’s called a celebration. Any celebration involves a heightened sense of emotion, being in tune with our basic animal hormones and above all, taking some risk. 

I salute these trend-setting, trail-blazing heroes of New Year partying.

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Twilight Musings said...

As if it is not a risky proposition to be awake and WITH the family past their bed time.
Just a typical Tuesday night? Ha!

You definitely don't know the crankiness level of larks and hyper-active toddlers close to midnight.

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