Friday, January 18, 2013

From the desk of  Flawsophy's Evil Twin ...

My latest crackpot theory is that people who enjoy dancing can never be unemployed.
If someone (really) enjoys dancing for a hobby, it already means that there is a certain degree of boldness, a geniune lack of inhibition infront of other people as opposed to whose favorite past-time is watching movies or reading books or cross-dressing in front of your mirror. That self-confidence in their personality alone should get them a job if they tried hard enough.

Do you know any friends who enjoys dancing and still has a hard time finding a job ? I think not many.

P.S. I have great respect for people who enjoy dancing because I know the heavens will strike down a deathly blow of lightenting onto me if I dance infront of other people ... and like any generic life-form, I don’t enjoy death.

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