Monday, September 10, 2012

Isn't it mildly ironic that they arrested the poor soul who drew the wolves and are LETTING THE REAL WOLVES ROAM FREE? A young cartoonist named Aseem Trivedi was arrested by Mumbai police for drawing offensive cartoons. These cartoons must be real bad-ass because why else would the national sentiments self-appointed vigilantes be hurt?

Rajendra Pratap Pandey, a local Congress leader,Hanumant Upare, a Dalit leader, and Amit Katarnaeva, a Republican Party of India member, filed four police complaints against Trivedi — two each in Mumbai and Beed — last year. Their contention: Trivedi’s cartoons hurt national sentiments. Among Trivedi’s offending cartoons is an image of India’s national emblem where he replaces lions with foxes and skull-and-bones. Instead of “Truth Alone Triumphs,” he wrote “Corruption alone Triumphs.” Another cartoon showed an image resembling India’s parliament building, calling it the “national toilet”. His website was shut down in December, but the cartoons are now available here.

I don't know about you but the first thought in my head is what kind of social life do these people have? They must get out of house in the evening, meet up at a local tea-stall and say to each other, "Lets find a problem with someone and beat the shit of him. That'll be fun. HO HO HO".

Seriously, aren't you tired of these goddamn machos searching for manhood in the wrong places? Who are these hyper-sensitive whack-a-loons who are so easily offended when someone says something? Hey, if you are so mushy-hearted …  if you are so touchy-feely … so sentimental, why don't you cry looking at a sunflower in full bloom, smiling happily towards the golden sun on a dewy spring morning while a colorful prancing butterfly gently gives it a peck on its cheek or just jerk off to a Karan Johar movie right after brushing your teeth? Clearly, politics is not for you if you can't handle criticism. Besides, their emotion is always that of anger, frustration and violence. Why don't they cross over to the other side of the emotional spectrum? Why don't these guys slouch down in a chair with a cup of adrak-wali chai just feeling sad for six straight hours? Why don't these guys just get depressed? Or take to drinking? Or inject illegal amounts of crack into your body and then check into a rehab because the Indian political class has disappointed and inspired offensive images from an artist? Why does it have to be anger or aggression or violence every time? You know why? Because the choice is between being mature and being a man. And REAL MEN … get angry when they see something they don't like. These people want to be in charge of national honor, want to protect the superiority of their genes, want to protect their culture, the life-styles and liberties of their extended family tree (caste), want to uphold the glory of their Gods. To do so, these physical freaks hang around bars to bash women having a happy hour or go to movies with the specific intention making a list of scenes they can brand them as "controversial" or never give up peeing on the road-side until they chance upon a poster offending their country.

Not only that, Do you notice that these so-called "nationalistic" types are always about the symbolic and metaphorical causes like religion, novelty of their caste or purity of their culture or honor of their goddamn land? They are seldom about the tangible factors that are creating lethal levels of income disparity and poor social mobility. No... No ...No ... In that case, aggression is construed as a violation of constitution. It is a threat to national honor if we are offended by the paradox of a once prosperous civilization that gave the world the highest moral treatises now leads the world in hunger, malnutrition, lack of medical facilities, and the way we ill-treat women; that it's own farmers are forced to commit suicides, give-up their holdings and actively advised by national policy makers to move to cities so they can fill the needs of their business friends for menial and domestic labor. It is dangerous, divisive speech if we talk about how the country is plagued constantly by nefarious schemes to privatize nation's wealthiest public resources or it's murderous dowry system   or the honor killings or the ubiquitous domestic violence or the cruel class consciousness or broken healthcare system or broken roads' system or the water shortage or the power-cuts or the lack of proper education or science policy for the next generation or the general apathy and incompetence of the elected to fix anything. But ... hey ...  you are ALWAYS WELCOME to overflow your emotions if someone non-violently disagrees with your imaginary idea of a perfect world.
Welcome to Double Standards 101.
Apparently, Mr. Trivedi was taken into judicial custody under IPC Section 124 (sedition), section 66 A of Information Technology Act and section 2 of Prevention of Insults to Nation Honour Act. That's right, folks. There is a "Prevention of Insults to Nation Honor Act" and guess who is responsible for it? Seriously, am I supposed to sit with a straight face and listen to some bogus lawmaker with a double digit IQ explain to us that a cartoonist is numero uno threat to the nation? Frankly, I think, mosquitoes are a greater threat to the nation especially if your municipality keeps forgetting to disinfect the streets. For a nation that survived the onslaught of several invaders and colonial powers and reckless statesmanship, lets not pretend something someone said is going to break us apart. This blog admires and defends Mr. Trivedi's courage to  draw something that’s on everyone's mind. He should be allowed to draw anything - especially if it's suggestively provocative or ruggedly sexy or both. I am happy that a lot of people have come forward to defend him. And rightfully so, which is necessary in our country whose freedom of speech act  is such an amateur show already. Take a look at the predicates under which the free speech in India can be restricted :
I. Security of the State,
II. Friendly relations with foreign States,
III. Public order,
IV. Decency and morality,
V. Contempt of court,
VI. Defamation,
VII. Incitement to an offence, and
VIII. Sovereignty and integrity of India.
(Source: Wikipedia)
Friendly relations, order, decency, morality, defamation, offence, sovereignty, integrity - all vague words with sufficiently wide contexts giving anyone in power the rhetorical flexibility to incriminate anyone who makes a noise.
P.S : Lets NEVER forget that this is a case with media publicity ... it cringes to think how many cases don't have that privilege and where many a provocator have been relegated to oblivion ...


BK Chowla, said...

One can only feel sorry for the govt,which lost the plot and don't see ground realities

vikram said...

You are a fan of George Carlin, right?

vikram said...
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Sash! said...

@chowla: yeah ... it's good that they are under pressure .. they are desperate ... they are restless .. it's exiting :P

@ vikram: oh maan ... fan is an under statement ... he is my God ... (if there is one) ... :)

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