Thursday, September 27, 2012

There are websites like “” which can deliver your choice organic vegetables at your door step twice a week.

These online-based farmer’s markets are a league in themselves. Fresh vegetables at your door step with the click of a button. And guess what, this stuff is literally green too. Just do the math folks. An average delivery truck can hold about 500 cartons. At one carton per family and a round trip of 3 miles per family to the nearby grocery store, it saves more than 1400 miles (assuming that the truck is traveling not more than 100 miles). Plug whatever numbers but it’s a formidable amount of oil saved for the community in exchange for a little illusion of being served at the doorstep.


Ah! the vintage-style vegetable vending. We had to invent the internet to get people to stay at home, stay info-consuming, not have time to drive to the super-market and thus, SAVE THE PLANET.


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Ramya V said...

Okay! Why do you have an evil twin? More importantly, what makes him (or her?) evil?

P.S. Haven't used the word 'evil' in a long time! Poor thing needed some attention! It was just gathering dust sitting in some remote nook of my circuitry! :P

BK Chowla, said...

Frankly,I didn't understand this

Sash! said...

@Ramya: I created the other blog where I can write whatever with poor editing as a way ... "evil-twin" is a term in comics, I am sure you probably know that ... don't take it seriously :)

@chowla: I am sorry ... it's a silly post ... don't bother ... next post is coming up soon :)

Twilight Musings said...

For specialty items, home delivery makes a lot of sense. It costs more money for renting the retail space without a guarantee on sales or just 2 customers per day.

Totally envious of the warm weather advantage of year-around green-veggies.

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