Saturday, August 11, 2012

One of the deeper reasons why people these days are always late, work longer hours, have no time for fun and in general, lead inefficient lives is because of cell phones (yes, those damn things once again!). . Even 5 years ago, we all had wrist watches and we had the habit of adjusting it to be 5 … 10 … 15 minutes ahead, so that we could plan and be at an appointment on time.  Fast forward to this generation, cell-phones replaced the watch to tell us the time and people treat a wrist watch as a jewelry item these days. Believe me, I know people who have been gifted magnificent wrist watches and they are coolly sitting in a bank locker. The problem with relying on cell-phones and computers to tell the time is that the time is always exact. So, while you might think that you are getting 10 more minutes to fool around with your smartphone, the fact that our human brain hasn’t improved anything at all in the last 5 years along with zero minutes buffer make our sluggish bodies and preoccupied minds late everyday for everything. And soon, the domino effect kicks in … one day you are five minutes late for your class … and before you realize, you are 3 years late for your marriage … Do you want that ? 

I say, strap on the wrist watch. Set it 10 minutes fast and quit making faces at your cellphone.


Twilight Musings said...

Yes, yes. Cell phones are totally to blame. It's not at all the problem of our old bones, which think 10-min walk = 1 block instead of covering 5 blocks without breaking sweat as they did a decade ago. Its obviously cell phones and computers slowing us down. :)

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