Thursday, January 26, 2012

from the desk of evil twin ...

You are sitting in your office cubicle engrossed in work busy typing away something that would eventually increase someone’s carbon foot-print as a result. Suddenly, the person in the next cubicle starts laughing all of a sudden in a loud, uncontrollable, characteristic duck-like quack. It turns out that he was watching some funny video on youtube and refused to instinctively remember his spatial (“place”) and temporal (“time”) context, that’s all - no emergency. And you just sit there - feeling a little weird having been conspicuously left out of the experience. Did youtube do this to you?

Similar incidents have been reported of all-of-a-sudden swearing, unprovoked slamming on the desk, uninvited aggression on office supplies and very often,  non-grammy award winning singing performances (seriously? you thought you could pull off “When the Levee Breaks” like Robert Plant while wearing a formal shirt ?) … all out of the blue and out to challenge the silent boredom of an office teamwork environment.

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