Monday, December 19, 2011


North Korean legend has it that Kim Jong Il was born on Mount Paekdu, one of Korea's most cherished sites, in 1942, a birth heralded in the heavens by a pair of rainbows and a brilliant new star.

He died on 17th December, 2011 while riding a train.

You do realize that the son of the just dead North Korean dictator has no choice but to be a crazy lunatic. Don't you? Let me put forth my usual flawless logic to prove the same.

  1. If he has the slightest humanity, that slight weakness of compassion and holds back the crazy, there are enough people pissed  off with his dad that he is going to be right away pounced upon, overturned by some disgruntled cook in the military canteen or worse, bumped off. So, he cannot hold back the oppression or start being a normal human without let going off his power or the way of life.

  1. He can try being a nice guy, install democracy and beg forgiveness from people but that's like shocking the system. Any country must have a transition. The people aren't even trained to deal with reality at the moment let alone govern themselves.  That's like locking a bunch of monkeys with typewriters to put together a Shakespearean sonnet in one night - the last time we tried it, the room required a lot of cleaning just because of what the monkeys ate. The idea is just suicidal unless has no problem being a homeless civilian in a South Korean based old age home.

  1. The real whack part is that he can't even emulate the tactics of his dad. He is in his late twenties. There are a lot of people who have been watching every move of his dad's  for decades now - sorry dear, the same tricks may not work. Thus, he not only has no choice to be a violent dictator but also has to crank up the crazy in his own creative way. Now, you see what pressure is it to be Kim Jon Un?

It's a point of no return. The ultimate irony of all is that with the kind of legacy his dad left him, he has no option but be a mental dictator killing and starving millions just to maintain his life. Eat that.

You had had to be the nut to win this thing in the first place. FOR THOSE WHO CARE, just refer to the story of how the third son got the throne in the critical elimination round:

Kim Jong-il's former personal chef, Kenji Fujimoto, revealed details regarding Kim Jong-un, with whom he shared a good relationship,stating that he is favored to be his father's successor. Fujimoto also claimed that Jong-un was favored by his father over his elder brother, Kim Jong-chul, reasoning that Jong-chul is too feminine in character, while Jong-un is "exactly like his father". Furthermore Fujimoto stated that "If power is to be handed over then Jong-un is the best for it. He has superb physical gifts, is a big drinker and never admits defeat."

What say?


Valli said...

Add one more reason.He resembles his father more than the other two. BTW this whole episode reminds me of the movie-"Devil's Double"

purnima said...

Taking into consideration his acute drinking problem i dont think he would like to choose what he is going to do. He would rather swing to the moods of his drunken mind.He would do what his drunken mind orders him to do and he would order the same. Isnt that a dictatorship of a mind to the person housing it.

Sash! said...

@ valli: oh yeah, he does... may be they can propagate the myth that the supreme leader is now created a miracle by reversing his age :)

i have to check that movie out ...

@ purnima : hmm ... didn't think of that angel at all ... but ... if he has to save himself ... he better sober up :P

centric said...

Good one. Hope with a reality check !

Sash! said...

@ centric: thanks ... hope indeed !!! :)

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