Monday, October 03, 2011

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Idleness is a funny state of mind. Do you realize that you can never be 100% idle? Same way you can never be 100% bored or 100% happy. The only good news is that we can be 100% pissed off - Thank Lord that at least we got something! That is strange. Isn’t it? Pure idleness is hard to detect. That’s because the moment you realize and start thinking, “Wait a minute … am I idle right now?”, you have destroyed your idleness - your brain has started its analytical process. You cannot be idle anymore. You see the problem ?


I think chewing a gum is too casual and too idle a habit on a planet with problems like “Global Warming” and “Energy Crisis”. I saw clean-shaved people walk into meetings wearing crisp suits and yet, chewing a gum - How can I take this guy seriously even if he is going to deliver a speech on something important like,
"The new and upgraded 56 point-plan to end corruption and hunger once for all and for the last time".

Today, as I bought a
Trident White pack, I saw that it “removes 35% of stains” 35%???? That’s it? Who aims for 35% and feels happy that they passed? Sounds like one of those rich spoilt brats - “just happy to avoid repeating a whole academic year”. You bet the chewing gum companies are kind of rich bling-blingin’.
The worldwide chewing gum industry in 2006 is estimated to be worth $19 billion in sales (Source: Wikipedia)

If any of those ads are to be believed, people need the gum to hide their disgusting breath -
ah, that’s great … yet another fine habit to mask, distort, ignore and deny reality by us humans. I know what you are going to say now: “Hey !!! the same logic goes for clothes - that people wear them to hide their ugly bodies. What’s wrong with that? ” Yes. You may be right. Thank God for clothes. I may not have a logic here but hey … I googled “Chewing Gum industry” today. Did you?


Imagine you meet a new person and you get to chat with him. Soon, something like the following is bound to take place:

Person: So, where are you from?
You : Well, I am from __________ .
Person: Hey, you know what. I have been your place a couple of times when I was a kid. ‘t was long time back. Of course, it must have changed a lot now.
You: Why !!! I can’t believe you did. That’s mighty impressive …

Occasionally, if the person hasn’t been to your hometown, he would recollect the closest place he’s visited - then, it won’t even matter if you were in your hometown at that time. What’s even more queer is that sometimes, to avoid the complication of explaining where the small town I hail from is located, I just pick the biggest city in my state. And then, he’d pick the nearest place he had ever been to that city to successfully establish that the closest we have ever been 15 years ago was about 600 kilometers apart.

Why is that?
Why do our brains try to seek and celebrate the slighest of shared experiences with others ?


Hellooooooo ….
I frankly do not understand people who get excited when the economy is doing good. If the economy is growing, just check who’s having a good time:

  • Acc. to Wikipedia, the richest 1% of adults alone owned 40% of global assets in the year 2000, and that the richest 10% of adults accounted for 85% of the world total.
  • In the USA, the top 10% possess 80% of all financial assets [and] the bottom 90% holding only 20% of all financial wealth.
  • In India, 53% of the wealth is in the hands of top 10%  and 92% in hands of top 50% … which is way better than USA but … 41.6% of us earn <$1.25 a day …
So, what’s all the euphoria about? I mean, how the hell does it matter to you? You and I are not even the meaningful part of any economy. I have listed the three regions I care about : India, USA and the world. But, I am pretty sure, if you are reading this blog, you are probably economically insignificant in your region …

Can you believe that some people base their entire voting decisions based on the GDP growth rate as if the political party is to be blamed for it? What is the need for celebrating that our boss’ boss’ boss’ boss’ boss’ boss got a little more richer?


… Suppose we lived in the world where the faces are to be covered and the genitalia is out in the open, a whole lot of male humor would be just a bunch of dirty jokes about the face particularly over the acne, pimples and nose-hairs - Got that? !!!

Lastly, some of the thoughts that keep me busy during my restroom visits ...


purnima said...

there is a saying that idle mind is devil's workshop.But how can it be idle when the devil is working in it.So i agree there is no 100%idleness.

Sash! said...

@purnima: ha ha ... case in point indeed.

But, since there can't be 100% idleness, may be we created an explanation involving the devil. who knows ? :)

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