Monday, August 01, 2011

PROLOGUE : Relatively speaking, American beverages are huge compared to India. I mean, a small cup of coffee is 12oz or 360 ml and the jumbo one is almost 600 ml - that's over half a liter of coffee.

I frankly don’t know how people can drink their coffee for hours. The problem with me is, no matter what the size is, I tend to finish my coffee in 10-15 minutes. You can say I am one of those fast-eaters. I love the coffee shop atmosphere here - good lighting, soft music and the height difference between the chair and the table is just perfect for my height. Few things in life are so pleasantly coincidental. It’s a great place to work, write, have a nice conversation or even check out the gentle gender. I would love to sit here for hours and hours but I soon start feeling guilty for using the free wi-fi with an empty coffee cup - all because of my goddamn gluttonous ability to gulp down 400 ml of coffee in 10 shameless minutes. I mean, there are some people who are drinking the same cup of coffee for 4 hours. How do they do that?

The other day, I ordered the “Chai Tea Latte” from the local Starbucks. The drink was horrible. Few culninary experiences are worse than this - except for the first time I tried the lemon rice without lemon. They totally ruined the concept of adrak-wali Chai and replaced it with something Super-satanic. It was YUCKK!!! and close to what they’d serve in hell to Osama Bin Laden for all his sins against humanity. 

But, you know what, life has a beautiful way of balancing things if you look closely enough. I could sit with the ‘Small Iced Chai Tea Latte’ in the very Starbucks for 4 hours and yet couldn’t finish the damn drink. I did it ... I used the wi-fi guiltlessly and even got some work done. Is it possible that all these people who drink their coffee for 4 long hours order the most horrible drink on the menu? May be it’s a good idea to occasionally explore uncomfortable territories just to discover hidden benefits?

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