Monday, June 27, 2011

A completely unnecessary elevator melodrama.

It’s really hot outside and I just entered the library. I went around the elevator on the ground floor and wait for it to arrive. Soon, a bunch of us entered the lift and started pressing the respective floors they wanted to get off at. The library has 9 floors. I soon noticed that no one is getting off at my floor. In fact, no one in the elevator was even getting off lower than the 6th floor. But, there were too many people for me to go out and reach the panel to hit the button for my floor. So, I gestured to someone close:
Can you get Floor 2 please ?
Soon, a whole bunch of heads swirled in my direction with a judgemental look full of pitiful disappointment as if I am a incorrigible member of our noble species:

When faced with any embarrassing situation, my defence mechanism is simple. I simply philosophize the event: "There is no place for empathy in this world as long as people feel they are more worthy of using the elevator just because they want to travel to a higher floor"

Did I already mention that it was really, really hot outside?

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BK Chowla, said...

It was hot inside too

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