Thursday, June 16, 2011

The vintage problem is revisited by the evil, evil desk of flawsophy's evil twin ...  

In a recent viral video aimed at promoting the cuteness and relevance of arranged marriage, the girl asks our poor friend:
If you see a bunch of guys teasing a girl, would you stop them?
First of all, I can’t believe that in the age of window-shopping and fighting corruption through smartphones, this question is still relevant. As ridiculous as this hypothetical situation may be, we have to still prepare for it. Here we go. 

PROBLEM STATEMENT: the girl expects the guy to rescue her.

A simple straightforward strategy that is popular with the minimally-gifted, mechanically-inclined gentlemen is to trash those goons and flee the scene. In fact, if you are actually hoping for a superpower to trash a bunch of idle-men with tobacco-tinted moustaches, you can equally hope to have the superpower to lift her and run with the twice the speed of average road-side goon. Carrying her and running away is much easily attainable skill since all it requires a heavy log, a stop-watch and an empty ground for practice. It is economical and non-violent. What’s the use of the Gandhi’s tattoo on your ass if you don’t practice non-violence once in a while. Heh?

Now some ideas for the girl. Keep a secret smoke-gun filled with anesthetic gases in mint-lavender flavor and just use it on everyone around you. One small side-effect: Your hero is going to collapse onto the ground as well. Hey, who knows if he hired those very goons to fake-trash them just to impress you. Screw him.



shruthi said...

Sash..this looks like a scene from the movie "Twilight Saga".

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