Thursday, April 28, 2011

Check out the new EVIL TWIN edition of FLAWSOPHY on Tumblr.

The EVIL TWIN edition will be everything this blog is about - but only a little brash, unedited and all behind-the-scenes material - the kind that has been helping create the material on this blog. It is a simply a chaotic collection of primordial ideas and inspiring / interesting stuff I come across daily - each one in a bite-sized snack format (less than a minute of reading time), thanks to Tumblr. At this point, I am being asked by some marketing weasels to self-certify my own effort and claim the following: "Never has randomness of ideas been so unstoppably awesome as in the EVIL TWIN edition".  

Anyhow, check out some snapshots of sample material(s) and don't miss reading everything else !!! Meet my EVIL TWIN at

As usual, getting a comment or a Facebook "Like" from a beautiful stranger is always inspiring. Even if you don't fancy yourself as someone beautiful, just take a chance anyway :)

picture credit : andybarlowblog


Purba said...

Since when did funny become evil? Why a shift to Tumblr? If you can wear the same set of clothes for years(God forbid) why use a different blogging platform?

I loved your Rule on tolerance...need to shoot someone ASAP.

Sash! said...

@ hehe ... yup!!! intolerance will not be tolerated :)

I know I didn't want to shift to tumblr, but I saw that my blog has become elaborate with long posts + painful editing and I wasn't able to do simple, ridiculous material with minimal editing and I needed an outlet for that ... i am figuring out a way to not have two websites for this ... hopefully i should have something soon ...

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