Wednesday, February 23, 2011

She thinks he lied to her. But, what she doesn't know is the real reason why he had to say things he didn't mean at the time. And the worst part is, he didn't have to lie to her about such a simple thing but he did it anyway. Eventually, she is super-mad at him and he is mad at himself too for the unnecessary misunderstanding that ensued. She is now not even picking the phone up and is refusing his apologies for a week now. He quietly opens his Facebook account and updates his status :

Before judging anyone, know what fully happened ...
While my heart-felt sympathies are with the above teenage romantic crisis, I think it's quite a goofy statement packed with full of redundant logic.

If you know what fully happened and appreciate the context of the situation and the action - you will have to be an unreasonable moron to still continue to judge the person. Isn't it? So, either you *understand* or you *judge* - it's a mutually exclusive choice. In conclusion, if you want to keep judging the person, don't waste time in trying to grasp the context - it is unnecessary and uneconomical !!!

Besides, remember that if you start feeling the whole universe in its entirety with all the web of connections and indivisible oneness, you will turn into one of those silent Buddhist monks who don't get to say any dialogues even in a Batman Movie (If my personal life is of any interest to you, this is exactly the reason I didn't take up law as a profession).

Here's another redundant junk they hurl at you and somehow, we are supposed to feel it's profound each time we hear it.
"You always hurt the ones you love"
Well, whom else do you think you could hurt? Your postman?

Here are a class of people guaranteed to care about you, observe you, think of you and love you back - so, if you are turning into a pesky little jerk on your bad hair day, they will be hurt, but only because they care. The rest of the world doesn't care -  your tantrums have no effect on them. My point is that there is no need to over-state the obvious, especially in psychology magazines. The pop standard song by Mills Brothers, "You always hurt the ones you love" has been recorded by over 10 artists since 1944 and one more time even in 2010. I say, stop milking the same cow and leave the billboard charts for more insightful lyrics.

And while on the subject of redundant lyrics, the miraculous thing about the song "Say (what you need to say)" is that John Mayer actually says the lines "Say (what you need to say)" three-fourth of the time. I am not kidding, 40 of 58 lines in the lyrics is the very line "Say (what you need to say)". Looks like all he has got to  (redundantly) say is that I have to say what I need to say. Are you allowed to do this sort of thing as a professional? That is the worst double pun ever. Don't forget that it's his highest rated song of his career  and won him a Grammy.

Do something. Do it right. Stop redundant speech. SAVE THE PLANET.


Purba said...

I love your odd combination of humour laced philosophy. And glad you didn't meander too much with your in-depth analysis. When you write a book, it will work :)

Sash! said...

@purba: Thanks ... ha ha ... I knew my "in-depth" analysis won't fly well all the time and gets too intricate ... but what can i do? i can only write what comes to my mind :)

Sarang said...

I think your trying to highlight a redundancy is itself redundant. Similarly, me trying to highlight your try to highlight a redundancy is redundant. Of trying to highlight my other try to highlight your try to highlight a redundancy is redundant.......................................................................

Sash! said...

@sarang : well played !! :P

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