Saturday, October 09, 2010

Time for some artificial anger on a shallow topic

This one makes me so irate that I am going to change my Facebook status anytime now. I am getting tired of how carelessly we use the word "Dream". So, this weekend, I volunteer to nip this menace right in the bud.

Thanks to the incredible self-involved culture we are constantly bombarded with, everyone now has tons of things with dream as an adjective - dream House,
dream partner, dream job, dream Fantasy, dream dress, dream children, dream vacation, dream phone, dream furniture. dream -this, dream -that. Simple-minded people think a dream is just a soft-sounding metaphor or a nice poetic expression that is perfectly valid if said in context. Alas, I am not simple-minded for a reason. So, I choose to beg and differ. Don't get me wrong here. There is nothing absolutely wrong in wishing that your life is better.  Frankly, I don't have a problem with a metaphor - as long as we are justifying it's complete implication. We just use the word "dream" for the positive things only and completely ignore the fact that a lot of dreams are senseless violations of physical laws and happenstance. We don't hear anyone getting a 'dream traffic ticket' even though it is perfectly possible in a dream. Moreover, we don't remember 99% of detail in any dream, 84% of the time. Yet, we got people using it all the time with prime confidence. (Yeah. Yeah. I know we got the word "nightmare" for tragic contexts but it is not nearly used as often except in narratives of a disaster date you've been recently in).

I find that we are all using the word "dream" to imply a mere wishful thought we think of, when we are completely wide awake. Just like …

Therefore, I request you to join my modest protest against how something as colorful and diverse as dreaming has been downgraded to capture the selfish mood of  a passing wish for more comfort and convenience especially when not asleep - the fundamental prerequisite for having a dream. This clearly is an abuse of the beautiful word that people like Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud and Christopher Nolan are rolling in their graves. The whole thing has crept into the culture so much that politicians are using the word to describe their plans for you. The trend has degenerated so much that banks are offering dream loans. Check it out :

Dream loan???

First of all, Why would anyone dream of getting a loan?

Of all the kinds of loans, why would I choose the one with the terms and conditions, I dreamt about.

Also, Do you think I should visit a chiropractor if I am seeing contract documents in my dreams?


On the same subject, trying to "have a dream-day" is such an oxymoron that it would throw a cosmic  'Stack Overflow Error'. Trust me on that.

Suppose …

Wait till you hear this. They are holding this party on a skating rink - some Chronicles of Narnia theme or something. The ice is orange in color. I don't know how they pulled off the color thing but I am sure this party is going to bomb big time because I bet half the crowd can't skate. Never mind, they got the master blaster signing a commemorative book with his blood stains in it and the Poor thing, out-of-work Anna Kournikova is putting a stage show called "Tennis on Ice". Terrific that they at least got the Black Sabbath to keep playing the Jazz dance grooves.  Wow ... Whom do I see? Is that the ethereal Scarlett Johansson? The good part about being in show business is at least you think you can run into people you have a crush on. May be I will skate around and break ice using this stinking kabob. She's so gorgeous.

[RAT-TAT-TAT ... loud rapid gun-shots]

What?? Oh! My god!
The loud alarm sound is blaring in my ear drum. The security has been breached. We are having a terrorist attack !!! These Taliban bastards are opening fire on us. People are all tumbling down. Which dumb ass got the idea to hold a high-profile celeb party on a skating rink with low security. People are falling down on each other. There is complete havoc now - the blood and the brains are being splattered on the floor. The whole commotion and horror seems like a real Black Sabbath video. They are now playing heavy metal numbers non-coincidentally. The Taliban are now coming after me, hurling lead towards me. Aaaargh! They got a shot into my arm. The chill of the icing rink, the racing brain, the feeling of exasperated nervousness results in a slight homeostatic upset in my epidermis as my lungs try to suck in heaps of air. I'll grab her hand and skate hurriedly towards the elevator on the right. "Bend down, dear Scarlett and close your eyes. Relax, You'll be safe and live happily ever after".

GASP ... GASP ... RUN ... Good, we made it to the elevator in time. Hell, this is not a goddamn elevator - This is iSHRIEK, world's most dangerous roller coaster from Apple - just for the elitists. We got in as we feel a sudden acceleration to plunge us down. We are being hurled towards the ground. I feel my weightless body, the adrenaline rush of blood into my hypothalamus, my teeth are clattering, my eyes are widened. I grip her tightly. She grips me tighter.  I just say, "Don't worry, Scarlett … We are safe from that bloodshed … we are just in a roller-coaster ... it's going to end". And she smiles gratefully. And oh no! She's not Scarlett Johansson. She's my wife !!! I saved my wife instead.

Wait a minute. I never even married. NEVER!!!  How can I even have a wife in the first place?

NOW WE ARE TALKING DREAMS !!! with all their vigor, drama and ridiculousness.

Just because Kekule had his Nobel Prize, everyone wants to aspire for their moment in the sun. We have to be careful. Have a nice day chasing your dreams.


... said...

wish = dream! Good one, Sashi.

... said...

also.. remember the one time you were in the library .. sleeping and dreaming a dream similar to the dream you mentioned in this post and some actual dreamer (wisher) who was not asleep ran away with your laptop .... :P

Sash! said...

@ ... : Damn You! I hope the fake 'dreamer' realizes his mistake ... and comes back ... well, what the hell. it's been 2 years now :(

Shalini Chauhan said...

n wat d hell...sash waz not even penalized 4 d gone laptop!! huhhhh....ohh but yeaa scarlet johnsson !!! hehehehe..... :)

Sash! said...

@Shalini: hehe... that was just dream chatter in all it's ridiculousness. No Scarlett-nothing :(

g2 said...

Christopher Nolan is not dead yet, he can't turn in his grave!

Sash! said...

@g2: I know ... I just wanted to blabber the fact that I saw the movie "Inception" and yet wrote this post ... :)

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