Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Look at it this way. He is above average intelligent, well-read, low husky voice, calm demeanor plus no stage-fright and he's got the gift of the gab. Stays leans and fit with all that yoga shit and has thick, healthy hair. Moreover, as if this charm isn't enough, his perpetual half-naked attire is a visual aphrodisiac. In the western world, these are the kind of guys with a healthy dating fortune, even without the consultation of horoscopes. "Swami" in India and he's called a Johnny Depp in the USA. All I am saying is he can nail the whole dating thing better than the average grubby Indian male, if he tries. So, I, for one, am totally unperturbed when a sex scandal involving a Guru/Swami comes out. They have to solve your problems and not get laid? Get real, for godssakes or godmanssakes!!!

Also, in the future, there is a chance of the governments limiting the number of GASP!s you can take in a day. So, don't get used to gasping each time you hear some sex scandal breaks out in a company or a ministry or some organization. In any group greater than 10, it's not unusual for at least one to get abnormally horny in the middle of a workweek. 



I have repeatedly observed that whenever some girl uploads her picture on Facebook and begets about 30+ comments, the guy who reportedly took the pic makes it a point to announce that he actually took the picture. Stop that! It looks desperate.


It's about time someone asked Ram Gopal Varma to either regroup his shit or get the hell out of the Tinsel-town. I am tired of these pretentious actors and actresses saying how it's a honor to work with such a great director. Directing, my ass! He just plainly sucks, along with his Hollywood rip-offs and unfunny horror movies. Alright, I agree that he started off well and had some awesome work till he followed the monomaniacal advice for creativity-enhancement from that bohemian monk from western Europe - "Roll up your previous scripts and smoke 'em all".

He should even stop producing those retarded horror flicks with immediate effect and a tip to Indian horror movie writers : "You don't have to explain the existence of a ghost by having a sub-plot of a sex-deprived flat-chested lady who died pre-maturely of unrequited love - NOT NECESSARY!!! ". The whole point of a horror story is to have violence and death with no bounds set by physics and  biology of nature. Let the killing go on uninterrupted. Geez!

P.S. I do admire his guts to experiment.


Did you ever notice that we never refer to God as Smart or Funny? We have bestowed him with glory, panache, powers, compassion, love, omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence - but we never sing praises of him as funny or smart. Why is that? This is true of every religion. Are we subconsciously thinking,
"What's the big deal?" that once he's both omnipotent and omnipresent. Do we just think it's easy and trivial from thereon to create life and be magnanimous once you know everything and can do anything?

I just think God has to be smart. For one thing, He surely knows He doesn't have to answer EVERY prayer and and His magnificent discernment in this respect is very impressive. I'd bet anything that God has an awesome sense of humor. He doesn't even have to prove it all the time. Remember the time He just made these people search all through the holy-book and vouch for His sense of humor. That's funny and smart, as far as I am concerned.


Purba said...

Your brain has to be the size of a pea, to fall for a smooth talking Swami. And please, please, please don't insult Johnny Depp. Agreed, he looks even more disheveled(read unbathed) after the Pirates of the Caribbean Series, but come on!!

And precisely, why do guys get so excited when a girl changes her profile pic? It's just a goddamn pic.

Sash! said...

@Purba: I am not certifying for the intelligence of anyone involved in a sex scandal. Obviously, it's always a situation where Mr. guile meets Ms. vulnerability !!!

As far as the facebook thing is concerned, You have to count me out on this. Believe me, 5 people have changed their pics yesterday and I didn't even glance at them :P

Shalini Chauhan said...

OMG !! hilarious sash !! ive recommended ur blogs 2 many of my frenz :P
hope it dsnt encourage the Russell Peter in u !! even wid less of censored stuff u can make things funny :P

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