Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Today, I am a sharing my most recent epiphany. I am convinced that the greatest anthropological invention since the dawn of man had to be the concept of 'SORRY'. Think about it. When was the last time you screwed up while simultaneously wishing that she won't accept your 'sorry'. Almost never. Right? That's what I am saying : “Thank God for ‘Sorry’”. We can't imagine the world without it. If it weren't for the concept of sorry, we'd be killing each other over misplaced underwear.

Not just that. Ability to apologize and graciously accept one is the hallmark of a civilized and cultured society. The degree of civilization and culture has always been measured by the nature and the number of mistakes that can be offset by uttering a "Sorry". As an example, look at the following time-line on the acceptability of a 'sorry' for an ordinary offense like "Adultery" (The choice of offense was purely alphabetical).
UPDATE: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart had THE EXACT SAME JOKE on "adultery" in the segment "You're Not Helping - Iran's Crisis of Modernity" , (dated 09/08/2010 - 1 day after this post !!! ) 

That's right! Aren't we waaayy cool with a lot more screw-ups than  our grandmothers were - else, we would be in a sorryful state! Now, By principle of extension, I dare to conjecture that most relationship problems in an ideal world can be solved by:
1. Saying Sorry, if you are a guy;
2. Getting a Sorry, if you are a girl
P.S. It doesn't matter who is to blame in the situation
P.S.S If you are not in an ideal world, first try and get there. And then, follow (1) or (2).

Not just at the level of individuals, these days we have got companies saying 'sorry' as a part of their Public Relations Campaigns just like BP did after their Oil Spill Disaster. MTV India was asked to scroll "we are truly sorry!" for 3 days 24/7 for use of vulgar language in their program "Roadies II". The pope apologizes twice a year for something or the other. And not just companies, even Countries  are not left behind in catching onto the S-word trend as in, Australia apologized to aboriginals in 2008 for 'past discrimination' ; the United States Congress has apologized to all Black people for 'years of slavery, racism and Jim Crow laws' in 2008 and recently, Japan apologized to South Korea for 'its 35-year colonial rule of the Korean peninsula'.

True, the concept of "Sorry" is just civilized behavior and has a universal charm of a bikini clad model.  I am  all for saying at least a sorry after a couple of generations have been destroyed and disadvantaged by your aggression and selfish guile - a 'sorry' can heal the wounds of time. But folks, my problem is not about apologizing after a goof-up. That's fine & dandy! I just think not everyone is very sincere like Tiger Woods about heart-felt apologizing. I suspect something like this is happening at a company near you :

I bet a lot of companies and politicians are taking risks as they misrepresent facts just because they can shrug and apologize later. Else, how else can you explain the following behavior :  

1. In an attempt to "engage industry in pursuit of science-driven social change", PepsiCo. joined the Science Blogs network, started a nutrition blog and ended up advertizing it's products - A breach of trust.

2. Coca Cola marketed a product called "VitaminWater" without any trace of vitamins in it.

The above two cases strike to me as if a manager just said "Let's give it a shot. We'll apologize if someone raises an objection".

I wonder why the companies and political parties and organizations even bother to apologize. They exist not as emotional bundles of protoplasm (like humans) but have very clear functional mission statements. Shouldn’t they be just doing 'damage control' by paying money or resigning?

(May be Continued ... )


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