Friday, August 13, 2010

Flawsophy salutes the entire team of "Peepli [Live]" for putting up a lovely piece of entertainment. Ek dum taap class philm !!!

Cricket and Bollywood have many a thing in common. Both are huge industries in India. Both are an integral part of the unique cultural experience for any Indian today. Both suffer from excesses. Both industries are supposedly run by guys who are in it predominantly for the buck. Both are capable of disappointing you equally on an enthusiastic day. But you know what ? They are both capable of that occasional brilliance of cosmic kind. What keeps the passion in me alive are the punctuated celestial performances in form of a VVS Laxman or a movie like "Peepli [live]" which sweeps me off my feet as I wonder what a talented nation we are and also yet how shy and reluctant must we be that we exhibit our worth so infrequently.

The plot of "Peepli [live]" is quite simple. But, the script is refreshingly original. The story is filled with caricatures of furious wives, hen-pecked husbands, haggling mother-in-laws, under-nourished kids and the common human yearning to accepted by the kith and kin, a media that doesn't mind invading someone else's life for a "Breaking News" segment, perspicacious reporters with an ability to connect psychology, human excreta and the nation in a one long sentence and lastly the politicians that would gift a TV when money is required and a water pump when you have decided to die. A summary from IMDB is given below (!!! Attention: Plot-Spoilers !!!) .

Instantly reminiscing anyone of a sleepy Malgudi town, this piece jubilantly combines the color and joy of unabashed rawness of rural life, the nonchalance of the politicians, the parasitic media circus and  businessman's macrosmatic talent for making money at the slightest hint of opportunity. It's not one of those feel-good pastoral comedies made for urban crowd just in case they are missing the villages. The director scores spot on with the comedic timing and the ridiculousness of the politicians' solutions to the serious problems confronting the troubled citizenry. The superficiality and redundancy of the media is pointed out throughout the plot packed with delicate humor and eloquent sarcasm that can possibly be challenged only by the fake news program, "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"

At the heart of any comedy lies a deep rooted anger and discontent over the system. The film's farcical undertone quietly exposes the pain, the innocence and the haplessness of the farmers and the fate of agricultural industry that is crumbling under the evolutionary pressures of so-called 'development' and 'progress' in the nation. (The ongoing crisis in Kashmir is also a painful reminder of the government's gross negligence and lack of attention for the  'unproductive' economic territories of the country). The most interesting dynamic that the movie puts together is how the disconnectedness of the ambitious urban workforce interacts with the seriousness of the struggles in the lives depending on the agrarian economy that is untouched by the wand of recent prosperity of real estate booms, stock-market's skyrocketing trends and software exports etc.

"Peepli [Live]"
seems to be a lively adventure and will hopefully announce the arrival of the wonderful era of cinema with  authentic ideas and themes from Indian lives and Indian homes. We saw glimpses of it recently in the likes of DevD, Udaan etc. The diversity and the dimensionality of Indian society has an unparalleled richness and replete with wonderful stories and characters. It's time Indian audiences feel each other's presence on the silver screen in addition to those diabetic romances, those item numbers and pole dancers in bars that don’t exist, those blatant Hollywood rip-offs toned down for decency or those stereotypical misinterpretations of our great epics.

Thanks to Aamir Khan & Kiran Rao. Great work by debutante Anusha Rizvi and power-packed performance by entire cast. Please watch in support of Indian art in action, if not anything else.


... said...

Right! There was not a single dull moment in the entire movie.

The banter between the local press and the national news was scripted with engaging wit. Well-researched, brilliantly-written and effectively documented creation.

Natha's mom's evil curses and the interest of media/ press in Natha's Nature calls had me in the splits.

Terrific performance by Natha as he had very little to say except for the wide eyed confused gaze.

It was a very nice movie experience.

... said...

I meant..

Terrific performance (Natha) : even though he had very few lines to say he delivered it well with the wide eyed confused look in his face :)

g2 said...

I was expecting something good from the promos... will check it out over the weekend :)

Satwik Gade said...

Thanks for the review!! i almost decided to go to watch Don Seenu!!!

SASH said...

@ all : thanks for the feedback

@Satwik: Don seenu is classsssy, albeit, in it's own way ... :)

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