Friday, August 06, 2010

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Besides, what the hell is this probing business? We don't want any goddamn probes into who did what in this scam. You know what we should do. Make all the guys who screwed up the CWG contracts to just run around Delhi for two marathons non-stop with just complimentary free water. Size up those fat-bellies and tame those greedy minds to appreciate the true spirit of sport before they go on to organize the ordeal. It would be fun to watch them pant and gasp for breath but we won't mischievously let them have a break. But you know what, we are a civilian society !!! We don't do that even to the worst of us. We fight them with lawyers, with litigation, with crushing evidence and after 15 years or more, we incriminate them once they are old enough with cardiac problems and diabetes, take them into custody and pay their medical bills. May I suggest a modest alternative ? To hell with all these litigation hide & seek games - Instant justice and befitting entertainment to the rest of the nation was certainly not tried for a long time now. That's how things worked in the Roman empire : "Throw him to the lions". But, alas, we don't have lions or tigers anymore. We killed all of them. It just seems ironical that these we might have killed all the lions and tigers for the fear of being caught for our crimes and being thrown to be fed by these royal beasts.

My point is that the civilian law sucks. It's such a drag. We need some interesting laws to entertain us at the expense of these notorious ruffians we voted for. Besides, what are they doing anyway? They suck at their jobs. They should be given punishments and impositions that make them appreciate the job they have to "manage". I have presented some illustrative situations for this political innovation below:
"What are you in for?"
"Dairy and Fodder scam"
"Go milk all the cows for 2 weeks, you pig in human shape"

"What are you in for?"  
"Embezzling of charity money"
"Go milk all the cows for 2 weeks, you half-witted gargoyle"

… so you get the drift. We can put the whole thing on TV unedited and get some sponsors too. Please feel free to suggest more kinds of creative punishments. Soon we can form a lobby and get this legislation through.

The TV sucks. The movies just depress these days. There are no stand-up comics around. And the music is too personal to enjoy in a group. And the people are just taking pictures and uploading to Facebook and taking a video of them uploading to Facebook and upload that onto Youtube … and so on. It's all a mess !!! Once in a while, a national scam or a cricketing debacle that can unite the nation comes along and all we have is negativity associated with the reactions. What ever happened to the tragedy-comedy duality anymore?


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