Saturday, August 28, 2010

I don't care what's preoccupying the who's who in Indian politics but I want to have this issue addressed right now.

This is really goofy !!! Did you hear this news ?

Terrorism has only one color and it is black, says Congress

… party general secretary and media department chairman Janardan Dwivedi told journalists, “As far as saffron or bhagwa or kesariya (other words for saffron) is concerned, it is not the issue. The issue is terrorism. Terrorism does not have a colour. Terrorism has only one colour and it is black.

No matter what they tell you, we are still living in a sub-genius world because we are not yet handing out awards for dumbest public statements made each week. Else, this week's would have been Mr. Dwivedi's by light years. I don't know about you, folks, but I demand that my government knows it's colors well. If terrorism doesn't have a color, it should be colorless like water and not black, according to my first grade drawing teacher.

Then, why the hell is a beautiful color like black being symbolized to a negative connotation? Because it's opposite of white and some dumb-ass detergent advertisement proved white is spotless after 30 minutes of bucket washing ? I can’t believe the kind of racial tsunamis that could burst out  with a statement like "Black is the color of Terrorism" in certain parts of the world. There are a lot people with black skin tones and black as their favorite color in this country. Batman fought bad guys wearing a black mask. I rest my case !!!
Now, a lot of people may just dismiss this as a mere fumbling of words. But, my left-brain always believed that is more than meets the eye. Following an investigation of unverifiable intensity, I have obtained the following transcripts from the facebook pages:

Sharad Pawar doesn't see a problem at all. As reported by The Hindu

"Union Minister for Agriculture Sharad Pawar on Saturday criticised the right-wing parties for objecting to the term ‘saffron terror.’ “If ‘green terror’ is fine with them, why should ‘saffron terror’ upset them so much? Isn’t green too a colour in our national flag?”

Pawar saab, there has never been any "green terror". All I got from googling the term "Green Terror" is a goddamn fish. Summing up, they have been two colors so far - First, the Saffron and now, the Black. Besides, why the heck does the government need a color to identify terrorism with. Are we so dumb that we need color codes for every problem. How come a handful of purported attacks by Hindus earn them a color (that too their most sacred one) but Maoists have been asking for their well-deserved color by killing in hundreds and suddenly Congress decides to deny them their color and it made terrorism colorless. So, terrorism is black now.  Well played !!!

Does anyone really give a shit about stuff like this - "what color is terrorism?". Hello, the high priests of INC, I'll tell you two relevant colors that relate to your job - the Color of Human Blood - Red and The color of greed and corruption - Green !!!


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