Monday, July 19, 2010


There is no word for the “Fear of the Future”. Can you believe that? I am not kidding, check it out :

The way I look at it, that’s the only fear all mankind shares. I know some people are afraid of the present - but they are the ones shitting in their pants at this very moment and they are having an emergency, so let’s respectfully not disturb them.  Also, No one is afraid of the past either. I know some yuppies that miss their cute childhoods but the future - we all dread it. We plan. We design. We try to think, predict, estimate, fantasize and even draw horoscopes. We consult the psychics, astrologers, tarots, and other superstitious entertainment including religions, consultants, analysts and statisticians. All for this magnificent bastard called the ‘future’ and no one has a word to describe the condition we are all soaked in all day. Any ideas? And don’t make it sound like a medical condition. I don’t want these insurance thugs to make money over something created for a mere lexical convenience. 


People always ask each other to be optimistic. “It’s not as bad as it sounds”, they say. I think, most times, it's exactly as bad it seems and from time to time, it has been observed to be a little worse … So shut up and deal with it.


ONE THING I AM TRULY TIRED OF: Guys sharing, liking and commenting and re-sharing videos on Facebook with the themes that testify, “Girls will always be like this”. Like males are any better? Hey Mr. Fatbottom, just get up from the damned computer, walk over to your window and see the results men have 'managed' in the planet. May be all mankind sucks. Think about that.


According to the Wikipedia article on Hitler, Hitler had the following diseases in the order of appearance in the article (Does the order even matter?):
Irritable bowel syndrome
Skin lesions
Irregular heartbeat
Parkinson's disease
Asperger syndrome
A strongly suggested addiction to methamphetamine
A dental bridge surgery to his upper jaw
Sinus infection
Monorchism (the medical condition of having only one testicle)
Non-cancerous Polyp
Ruptured eardrums
Borderline personality disorder
Possible Schizophrenia

With a list like that, the whole holocaust thing could have been averted had the insurance companies identified him what a medical marvel he is. He and his family would have been wallowing in the mud to keep him alive. Where the hell were the insurance guys? Damn, these insurance companies and media can never save the world in time. Can they? (I know this has nothing to do with media … but I just hate them anyway).

Gossip is a universal language like music !!!


g2 said...

AIG the insurance company worked for Hitler... They remitted the insurance money for all the dead Jews directly to Hitler!

Did you think Hitler was killing all those Jews for free?

SASH said...

I guess it's one trade-off for medical insurance ... :)

Not only does Hitler represents the extreme dystopic psychological mutation... he reaps the honors in the physiology department ...

The Regular Joe said...

Come on dude! since when are ruptured eardrums and dental surgeries classified as "diseases"? :D

SASH said...

@ Regular Joe: try paying for them in USA!!! It would sting more than the bill of a perpetual common cold all your life (in India).

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

interesting read! how did u think about Hitler of all the ppl!!!


SASH said...

@restless : Thanks a ton !!!

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