Sunday, May 16, 2010

So India crashed out of T20 world cup recently and for a brief while, I am inclined to agree with George Carlin as I lose hope in human race! Kindly join me in this odyssey of exaggeration ...

They say it's the worst oil spill ever … it's been 10 days already and it does seem as Colbert said," Clearly no one knows what the <bleep> anyone is doing …". The oil company exec is saying it's "no big deal … it's not that huge … besides do you even have an idea how big the ocean is … c'mon, an honest mistake. Apologies, ok?" Meanwhile, the environmentalists have started their chest-thumping gorilla dance, crying foul and have already decided that mankind is doomed and our days on this planet are numbered and we don't have time for a plan B … One thing, although, seems very clear … if we trust the environmentalists to save us, even God will beat them in the cosmic race of trying to save us … you know why? Everything these days has to make sense … not just any normal kind of sense - economic sense! But, aren't they telling these days that Capitalism isn't the answer anymore? … But of course, what do you expect the industry to do? Save the world? Their philosophy is simple: we are all greedy and they are better at being greedy than you are. So stay put …. Moreover, they have all the money to prove that these environmentalists are trying to rob us of our material happiness with incredibly dumb fairy tales with deliberate spooky endings. Of course, we all know we are not going to end up that way. Don't we? Are you not that optimistic?

That's one more thing … everybody is told by the politicians to be optimistic that there are best days of future are ahead … we are, after all, going to solve all problems - climate change, energy crisis, food and water shortages … the whole green thing … we will be so green. We will invent all the technologies. Science is the new savior. It's the form God will assume to rescue us from damnation. Also, this very moment, someone else is lamenting that there is just too much technology around. The computers do all the work while we are being left as mindless machines to switch them on and tweet about the most recent burp from a suspicious meal we had 53 minutes ago. Another one of these platitudes: "it's all distraction" - The internet seems to be fragmenting our society as we use it to help earthquake victims in Haiti. The studies are out there to prove that we have sicker bodies and duller brains - all because of our relationship with the monitor. What do we do if people are committing even cyber crimes and terrorism using them? Are they saying that what's going to liberate us is going to destroy our social structure? Is it any good or is it all bad … should we dream of rewinding ourselves to simpler times and fight with sticks? I can't seem to have an opinion … opinion is hard these days, but you got to have one, dude … I mean, are you on our side or theirs? It's hard to decide whose facts should I listen to?

Never believe what the news man tells you. They are always dark about the future. They never paint the whole picture… they are horrible painters!!! Besides, what's the difference anyway … why worry about grand things like the future … live here and the now … you are here for a little while … so have fun, enjoy the ride … do that whole "life in the fast lane" kind of thing … In school, they tell you that you could be anyone you ever want to be … and you should have a goal and chase it and fulfill your life's purpose … and they scoff if you don't know what you want to do … they judge you as a low life with no morals or focus or principles. Principles - it's a forceful, ominous word isn't it?

One is really torn between diametrical points of view of every question that arises. Who is our inspiration? May be, that's the problem … we don't seem to agree on anything. The most popular argument you hear is that there are always two sides to every issue … instead, there should be just one side and the other side should read, "Please turn over. This side is intentionally blank." I heard someone saying that this is the first time in human history that we consider nothing sacred and that we have no moral compass. We just don't care ….

Ah! That's the word perhaps: C-A-R-E … we are losing our propensity, by the day, being exasperated upon swimming in this obfuscating ocean of opinions, perspectives, solutions, narratives, ideologies, commentaries and suggestions … whatever you call it, however you mask it, we are losing that ability … that ability to care for something, in the real sense of the word … just as the Indian team never cared to win. That's why they lost.


g2 said...

I think the almost religious paranoia around the environment is an extension (or may I say continuation) of white catholic guilt... first it was racism and now it is environment...

and the Indians lost because of three reasons

1. poor batting
2. bad bowling
3. average fielding

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