Friday, March 26, 2010

What's the deal with garland made of cash, anyway ? Since when did a piece of paper start being more fragrant and looking better than flowers. Tops, you got Gandhi's smiling bald head as the brightest feature on them. God save these numbnut incarnates of high-end stupidity.

And hold your gasp until you listen to this. Not so long ago, among a bunch of equally stupid 17th century Dutch folks, the bulb of a tulip flower was worth more than 12 acres of land (almost $10-15 million at today's prices) to create the first recorded speculative bubble (called the "Tulip Mania").

Well, the legacy started a long time ago.

For the Telugu-speaking : చెవ్వు లో పువ్వు అంటే ఇదేనేమో !!!


g2 said...

తెలుగు లో టైపు చేయడం నేర్చుకున్నావు అన మాట :)

SASH said...

మరి ఏటనుకున్నా వేటి?

PRASAD said... forgot about statues.It

is like preparing your own

obituary and reading it daily



SRAVAN said...

best part is doing it a second time because people objected to it! Nevertheless, you should also appreciate the evil intelligence behind inventing new ways to receive kick backs. If it were truly the party members who amassed all that money, how well off should the state be! Is it really though?

SASH said...

more ridiculous was the comment that "Sonia also had a garland like that"...

The political arguments have not transcended the logic of a 3rd class kid ... something like ...

"go take bath"

"why should I go first? He did not take bath yet. Every time, it has be me first. No , i won't"

lazykidarr said...

నేను సు కూడా ఇంకా ఇలాగే స్నానం చెయ్యడం గురించి తన్నుకుంటాం !!

but yeah...5 yr olds are more intelligent than these stupid politicians!

SASH said...

పిల్లలే అలా వుంటే ఇంకా రాజకీయనాయకులు ఎలా వుంటారు?

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