Thursday, December 10, 2009

Don't we just love the way media and the netas engage in prolonged mutual masturbation to put on this great show we call politics?

KCR was caught cheating in his highly- publicized indefinite fast but nevertheless, in what was a manifestation of the triumphant spirit of theatrical politics- GOD DAMN IT , he did it !!! Andhra Pradesh is on the brink of being cleaved for the creation of a new state called "telangana". If you ask me, I'd just shrug and "Screw those assholes. Andhra region was always the rich, productive part of the state and frankly, we are tired of telangana being the prodigal son, providing an opportunity for generations of political pigs who just made money in the name of relief for this impoverished region". For one thing, we'd have better roads in our home town.

It's never about the people or development or prosperity. Telangana is one of the most unfortunate regions of the country - barren lands, continued drought - aah! the perfect paraphernalia for a politician to mismanage the whole region. Telangana was soon left with poor education, bad infrastructure and no industrial setup. The funny thing is how people get carried away into always thinking, "This time it's different … KCR is a genuine politician". People argue that we are a young nation and all that crap. Bullshit. America is a mature democracy and I don't think the political class is anyway better. Yeah, one thing in a mature democracy is that the poor and the middle classes (and never the rich) are controlled better through more efficient law enforcement.

Also, isn't this a great victory for the Gandhian legacy? All we have learnt, in the nation building is to hold the systems ransom with a tactic that is a political equivalent of a eight-grade school boy threatening to skip school unless his mom gives him pocket money (to buy Playboy, of course). While Gandhi's genius paralyzed the British with his non-cooperation movement , modern politicians adapt this prolific approach with a convenient softened style with no convictions and zero sincerity of purpose. Thank you very much.

The enthusiasm of 'grass-root' crowds surprises me. I wonder how the politicians and media try to energize the crowd to even protest for their personal ascendency and ratings. I mean, how did the osmania student protesters ever think they are going to be better off with the creation of another political boundary? Everyday, activists of radical organizations announce their attendance and involvement in the national policy making by smashing something or beating up people they don't agree with. In America, a snapshot of a fat tea-party protester wearing a beer t-shirt holding up a poster that says "SOCIALISM DOWN DOWN" is four contradictions captured into a single moment. Don't the middle class realize they are the ones being screwed by the so-called free market system everyday as they over-pay for their medical, legal, insurance, education bills - all in exchange for oil that’s cheaper than mineral water ? Medical bills are number # 1 reason for bankruptcy in America and mobs disrupted the debate on universal health-care reform at town hall meetings !!!!

As my room-mate opines, these people are searching for a meaning in their otherwise empty lives. I think, it's a huge set-up. It's in no one's interest that the people should think. Just degrees don't get you far enough. As long as the education system and the social environment don't encourage something called critical thinking, we are going to have these bunch of self-immolating morons who lack the discernment to think even important things like climate-change and evolution are a simple matter of opinions and they will become martyrs to defend their views.



g2 said...

Once Telangana is formed, TRS becomes redundant force and to maintain media attention they are all poised to become the MNS of Andhra Pradesh... spreading hate and violence on Andhra people and the greedy media is ready to give them as much coverage as they would like.

Chaty said...

Nice one raa Sashi! I had an interesting comment to make when I read it on Thursday .. but I can't see to remember. Anyway, no use discussing it any longer.

Anupam Chakilam said...

You shouldn't have started with " The roads in my home town will improve". The moment you said this, the impartiality of your argument was utterly lost.

SASH said...

@Anupam : It was a sarcastic comment with a tone of exasperation. Please re-read it :).

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