Thursday, March 29, 2007

Finally its the highest court in the country to the rescue of the creamy institutions of the country, replying with "You wanna play hard ball, I am game!". The Supreme court has finally decided to halt the evil conspiracy of the UPA government to corrupt the educational standards of the country.

The observation(s) of the judges were more funny with a tinge of sarcasm than a mere justification:

"Nowhere else in the world do castes classes or communities queue up for the sake of gaining backward status. Nowhere else in the world is there competition to assert backwardness and then to claim that we are more backward than you."

Its uplifting that sensibility prevails over the demonstrated adamancy of apparent democracy.

The primary setback for the government - poor demographics department :)
"For the last 76 years, data on castes has not been updated."


  • In August 2005, the Supreme Court quashed quotas in unaided minority and non-minority institutions, saying it was a violation of their autonomy and freedom.
  • The Lok Sabha reacted by passing a unanimous resolution calling for OBC quotas in unaided institutions.
  • In 2006, to override the court judgment, the government introduced the 93rd amendment in the form of a bill granting 27 per cent OBC quota.
  • The bill was referred to a standing committee, which recommended that the creamy layer be left out, but the government
    went ahead and passed the bill in December.
One can observe the desperation of the UPA government, as it tries to beat common sense with an increased majority of stupidity. Its an important victory not only for the creamy institutions (to retain their quality or whatever blah blah) but also, as the ruling could set an example for empowering and encouraging individual excellence over a distorted motive of social justice and equality (which i would wager that it has not been possible ever since we formed governments to achieve that).

Just to reiterate again (as in my previous post), I am holding nothing against the 'lower' castes, when i am celebrating their deprivation of an earnest chance to super-stardom, except that super stardom should not be construed achievable by these means. I say, work your butts off and be what you get. Thats equality, if everybody has to go through more or less a similar path for a given common end.

Its a sweet end to a bitter battle. I say, let them take it with a pinch of salt.


The Regular Joe said...

while I have no problems with reservations (even tho I stand to lose from it :) )what I strongly object to is the lack of an assessment system to see how many have benefitted from it or if the reservation scheme is working at all

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