Saturday, June 17, 2006

I guess I am the nagging kind. I am like one of those people in the editorial pages of newspapers. They always have a problem with things around them. Ditto! I mean just go through any day's editorial page... you'd find somebody is complaining against the American Big brother attitude, the muslim society that is plunged into eternal chaos, the latest magic trick in regional/caste politics decoded, somebody's bitching away to glory against the debauched lawlessness and lack of implementation of the system all together, someone almost concluding that our constitution is one giant black book collection of whims and fancies of powerful people in Indian political history, somebody telling us to speak the truth, not to forget the spirituality column lashing out against the mankind as a whole ... and much more interesting pieces for which i simply adore reading the edit pages of any newspaper. And... I am pretty much convinced that macroscopically, the content of the editorial pages ever since the invention of the press didn't change much.

Of late, I have been publishing quite a few entries, & all of them were about some imperfection somewhere whether it was about the reservation issue or the Narmada dam or the reductionist science. Similarly, the edit pages are almost like a bunch of complaints and grievance boxes.

Actually, this whole idea of imperfection emerges only as a contextual contrast with one's idea of perfection. Any judgement we ever tend to make always has a definitive implication of something being good and hence something opposite has to be bad or vice-versa. Likewise, there might be many models of perfect environments that we really crave - social equality, corruptless meritocratic society, no "dog-eat-dog", healthy competition, no dirty politics, no exploitation, a smooth rolling system that works, no power struggles, no avarice, no crime, perfect law enforcement systems, a happy marriage, no infidelity in relationships, no page-3 (Disaster!!!), a job that you love, being with someone that you love, living on... happily ever after.

CUT. This fairy tale story is so unreal. So boring. Hardly we find a day that runs so smooth. So, we always complain. But there's a catch here. Thats the way we love it as well.

I, somehow feel that these societal imbalances and individual differences (physically, mentally, genetically etc.) is what runs the world. The fact that each is different from other - better or worse, increases the web of dependance over each other - economically, emotionally, professionally, sexually, religiously, and many more ways and all of us make our living only out of these differences. May be all of us are born to be different from each other. In that sense, how possible and relevant is 'social justice', when we can never be equal internally. (Does it mean we should not fight for social justice? No & I'll come back on that sometime later.)

How come after so many centuries of mankind cribbing do we find that the disorder is only increasing. This is actually a wrong statement, I admit that things are improving but the amount of issues we continue to be discontent about fairly remains the same (argubly). May be we will remain imperfect this way all the time, for imperfection is a substantive evolutionary mechanism. We find something is wrong, we try out new things. But we realise that we have unleashed another corner of the pandora's box, which would improve in due course.

May be thats what makes our society really flow - The fact that we are opposed to eachother conspicously or inadvertantly. Flow is possible only if there's a difference in potential. The only point where we really get stuck, if at all, is at our beliefs. We try all life to defend these so called identities. (The key player here is, of course ego).

What a cosmic conspiracy we are amidst! "We are what we believe." Our own rationality is a perfect science- so it seems! Turn the coin. Its also an imperfect art. God must be really smart or what?

So, what does this imply? The next time we hear someone giving a speech against the irrepressible political dacoitry, some cribbing about bad infrastructure, someone being victimised because of a ruthless greed, people killing because of religious identity conflicts, people dying for their motherlands, murderers of Jess Lals going scot free, Brad pitts cheating on Jennifer Anistons... Just watch, fight, argue, debate, smile... - This has to continue. It's the nature's order, to create the chaos. Thank you, we are evolving.


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