Tuesday, May 23, 2006

"ok...then Lets increase the seats for OBCs... "

"What? so, these medical punks and iitians are creating too much of unwanted turmoil and going hungry... lets tell them that the original no. of seats shall be maintained and shut their traps..."

More restive protests yet again, more violent cries of discontentment...

"Now these institutions are being a pain in the neck, claiming they can't manage with the existing staff. They need more staff, more money. This damn thing keeps bouncing back."

"Wokay... We'll tell them we'll grant some 8000 crores to improve the infrastructure... and recruit some quality staff for those places. That should end the issue? I know some guys who can teach at these places. We can post them there..."

The haunting image of the big brother is looming large again. What we are witnessing here is stark exemplification of pathetic cover-up of a delicate issue that has been let loose out everyone's control. The sentiments are hurt. The hopes are crashed. The country stands more divided than ever. Folly upon folly, commitments without accountability... How many years does the government want to perform this way?

That’s the story. The next part of the story isn't too tough to guess, there shall be a non-uniform and inadequate allocation & distribution of funds, the govt. never planned this stuff. Where from are they going to raise 8000 crores? Where are the teachers? The space? No thought… just a cold reply against the retaliation. May be there could some more taxes levied. They'd say, show them some specious report with spurious statistics & manipulate the average Indian for sheer avariciousness of power.

Failure to admit its incapacity to improve the education system, its resorting to redistribute whatever is available on some demographic basis and call it implementing "Social Justice". Only that the denominators of social justice this time are caste identities. Unfathomable. But if you really want to improve the living conditions of ‘backward classes’, first make them equal to the rest of all, ensure equal opportunities at all levels of life, not just college, because they are readily available. Create facilities right in their childhood days, give them a good compulsory schooling, make them realize their talents, instill self confidence... Let them create a dream called life for themselves... At least give them a chance to do that... Its much more sustaining than all that disguising generosity that we bestow upon them. ... and probably a better way to blow up 8000 crores...Also, a majority of OBCs live below the poverty line, probably fighting it out for basic necessities of life - A seat in IIT / AIIMS is probably the last thing on their minds...

The fundamental reluctance towards action on such measures is that the implementation is time taking and has a high risk quotient, and has the least cosmetic value and probably a worthless measure when a politician is filling out his annual self-appraisal form. Obviously, anybody knows that he isn't going to stay in power for that long, and no one is going to felicitate a move 15 years back. Also, the majority of the educated in India comfortably disassociate themselves with all forms of political participation (How many of us actually vote?) and the politicians would have no reason to cater to their interests as well

But it should happen here. Somehow. There's no other way. Else, we are just always treating the symptoms. We need a revolution. We need an attitude change. The country needs the confidence to believe that they are participating in the success as a nation. The protests have been encouraging enough, exuding a tinge of optimism from the nation's twenty somethings. The youth is coming forward to reject backward ideas like reservation, free seats, and quotas... We all seem to have enough of these unreasonable freebies. May be for once, people want to make India happening. Or its probably the reverse, may be they want to create a destiny which in turn is rewriting India's Future.

I am not arguing that giving OBCs better opportunities would dilute quality of education, May be it won't but they would certainly substitute the drive for excellence. Which could translate to an irrevocable blunder, for excellence is the only survival instinct we can probably hone us with.

The finance Minister is a brilliant harvard graduate and Dr Man Mohan Singh has a degree from London School of Economics. Do they feel they would have got there, if miserable quotas prevailed at these world-class institutions. Why don’t they speak up now? They couldn't. Thats the price you pay for association with caste-based parties and the Left, and for staying in power. Then what’s social justice, if all it does is trample down any recognition of ability. Social justice that way happens to be a ridiculous conception of whose scope, effects and limitations are something politicians have never been sure of. It’s just a sheer impossibility.

C'mon give human ability and spirit some chance...

They know people can take it... its just a matter of time... everything is always a matter of time. Time has the best cures, but a step like this and the society is wounded for eternity...


Sarang said...

I just started writing something on this aspect. Didn't want to post it on my blog yet...but here's what I've penned down...
The Indian HRD Ministry have confirmed the implementation of the Quota-Reservation for the OBCs. This decision has not gone well with many of the 'elite' masses, particularly the Medical students who have been leading the protests against the Quota Reservation Policy for seven weeks. Many of the younger 'in-work' doctors followed cue and are protesting against the policy at the cost of their salary and the health of many a patient. Lathi Charges have been employed to appease the recalcitrant protestors at many places in India. The students of AIIMS, the numero uno of all the Medical Schools in India, are on a hunger strike. Yesterday, there was a mail doing its turns, informing us of the death of an AIIMS student, who was on a hunger strike. The news seemingly was not covered by any television channel. If You look at all the events as a whole, you come to the conclusion that it is chaos everywhere. To me, a neutral being, it's beyond my understanding as to why things are happening the way they are, it's another aspect that fucks up my thought process. Let me explain myself.

Here are some of the rational reasons given by the students for carrying out their protests:
What about merit? What will happen to those people who deserve the seats in the esteemed institutes, based on their academics? What will happen when the needle is in the hand of an unskillful surgeon? What will happen to India's future if it is placed in the hands of 3rd grade executives?
The education standards in India are poor, especially at the primary and secondary level. How can you directly go the level of the IITs and IIMs, before you improve things at the elementary level?

How do you define merit? I suppose that most of us would say that it is the ability of acquiring a seat in some college, based on the marks obtained in an examination that the institute considers to be a standard. Now how do you score good marks in an examination? You slog for a couple of years on a syllabus charted out by the examination-conducting agency. Through out the process, you have a single focus, cracking the examination. Now how many people in India can afford to focus on a single aspect, antipathizing with everything else happening around them? If your answer is 'all', then get the fuck out of here and go dump yourself in a drainage nearest to you, you are not worth living in this world. How many students in a village can forget that their fathers have been toiling all day just to feed their families?

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