Saturday, January 28, 2006

Firstly, I'd say Just go watch it.

For it's a comforting variant from the burgeoning contemperory bollywood trend of sexual obsession. For a thankful change, this is not one of those movies which is centred around just trying to explain an excuse why the goddamn hero has to sleep with the heroine only as a logical compromise in a complex world of confusing, tricky, mind-boggling sexual permutations. There aren't any heroes, upon whose sight a group of bikini clad girls would start losing all clothes and begin to participate in a drunken group orgy thus making the heroine get back at the hero by doing the same thing (By the way this is an excellent theme for porn movies - Unfortunately, they have even worse story lines). Ok, period.

Atleast, if you are trapped into an indismissable thought of watching a movie, you can treat yourself to a change, Good music - An involving screenplay, Down-to-Earth Character sketching , appreciable humour and some good performances from the entire youthful cast - Atleast there wasn't anyone who just didn't kill you in their attempt to act! I'd confess that I had a nice time there... Atleast, the females in the movie aren't just there to display flesh and fall in blind love with the dumbness of the hero and that was very welcoming.

The story's pretty ok - There's this blonde (WAIT!!! You dirty minds don't just zoom off to an item-song setting) who comes to India intrigued by the diary of her Grandad who was a British Soldier who remorsefully hated his job of living through confronting and finally eliminating the fervent nationalism demonstrated by BS (Bhagat Singh) & Co. She seemed pretty bowled over by such rebellious passionate struggle against the imperialism by the then youth as described in the confessional diary. Obviously having such a fancy of shooting a movie doesn't always hand in hand with having enough money to do it. Hence, she casts five of her young college going friends (Amir Khan, A muslim guy whose name I wouldn't know, Soha Ali Khan, some lean Freakish fellow, and that South Indian Hero) to star in the movie around the lives of Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad etc. Obviously she doesn't know that something like 3 movies have already been released around the same theme in 2002 and that a hindi movie on the same subject again would risk its success if actually shot in a serious way (I say put in some foxy females, item bombs and lingerie scenes and a brawny hero having no reservations about frontal nudity to improve its rating). Reality apart, the movie delineates a convincing parallel between such a struggle for a free india then, to the contemperory struggle for a happy and a developed India. These bunch of college guys believe that India is a damned corrupt nation and it would continue to sustain that equilibrium like forever and that there's nothing anyone can do thinking about it. Its a non-conflicting view of life for the happy college gang who just spend life driving fast, boozing, partying all night ...

...Until one fine day, their close friend : Flight Leiutenant Ajay Rathore (Madhavan, Soha's Boy Friend in the movie) dies in MIG Plane crash. The accident happens to be one of the many recent MIG crashes killing a lot of trained pilots in the air. It is widely suspected that the MIG planes are being fitted with cheap, counterfeit parts when being bought by the corrupt defense ministry, thus risking innocent lives bereaving their families. Ushered into the harsh reality through this emotional and a forceful turn of events, the gang sets out to avenge the loss of their dear friend, begin their fight against the corrupt machine called the government. They finally end up killing the defense minister in the fist of fury and actually go do that Bhagat Singh thing by blatantly confessing that they murdered the defense minister with a view to invoke the national spirit to fight against bureaucracy and to envision a developed and a peaceful India!!! They obviously meet an end like BS & Co. - Killed brutally. And somewhere in between, the blonde obviously falls in love with Amir Khan.

Appreciably, the movie is accurate in portraying the general youth's non-challant sentiment about the current india and its self-sustaining equilibrium of wealth generation and corruption and how life stores scary and fierceful surprises which tend to just change an indivdual's view of the world thereafter. I think there's a definite point driven about how a catastrophic events tend to change one's life drastically thrusting in them an attitude change from indifference to an violent passion. These events are not only the most significant in the evloution of an individual but they have always been the most phenomenal factors in evolution of any intelligent systems like life itself. Anyway, when confronted with such an incomprehensible complexity of serious and naked reality, what would a bunch of twenty somethings do? Their only solution driven by furious emotional tide is to just go kick ass. They end up killing the defense minister and subsequent foolish confession gets rid of their own lives. The Movie this way, perfectly portrays the general attitude of youth and the emotional quality of their decisions.

Well, personally it did not feel good that these guys had to meet death once their dear friend dies. I mean, that was stupid actually... that the first thing they could think of is kill themselves. Violence is not a solution... Its just a sign of impatience and Vehemance... and for that matter it was not the antics of the fearless revolutionary Bhagat Singh that I believe got us the independance, I think its more of the non-violent Gandhi which did the trick... Violence is easy to supress as it is said "Violence bows down to superior violence" - I believe that one should not get frantic over an alien situation and go on relentlessly self-destructing. You just create a whiff of public uproar and they symphatize with you to become a hero, a matyr and then they go home, have good food and then hit a pub to dance the night away ... Mere exemplification through physical self-sacrifice isn't going to get into their heads, Conceptual education could... moreover there are otherways to get that dream India - for example, through hard work, being rationally non-cooperative with corruption, exploring business and scientific avenues...and it has to be essentially a pervasive, group sentiment possible through appropriate education. May be a serious movie can establish these!!! One more thing is that if violence were the means, that could demand sustained violence to maintain the tempo of the movement which can be costly in terms of value of wealth and human life.

Whatever ... but the ending wasn't a happy one and that’s what was disturbing about that... I just feel that It would have been more plausible if the blonde shot the movie based on Gandhian methods, though I'd agree that BS had a far more convincing screen presence and was more of an instant hero than the Skinny, skin-headed Gandhi. or Subhash Chandra Bose atleast has a modest charisma.

Ah eh ... Forget the philosophy. Just grab a popcorn pack and hop into the theatre for you can be assured that you could be entertained through the show without having to resort to the time-tested methods like dozing off or getting a red cheek for 'accidentally' squeezing your neighbors' arm.


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