Saturday, November 12, 2005

Hi! World …

I think I'll now confess. I am a sort of nature worshipper. Instinctively, I am amazed by the nature, and the whole part of change mechanism that it manifests in the most intricate patterns. There was this article in the new Scientist regarding the design by nature…

"….Like creative people, nature produces things that appear neither inevitable nor obvious, and solves problems with innovative solutions. Nature's unwitting problem-solving mechanism is natural selection, and the solutions it finds have won the admiration of engineers - hence the field of biomimetics, the application of natural solutions to human engineering problems…" from New Scientist

The article talks about the science of Biomimetics… The application of natural solutions to human Engineering problems. I mean, do you guys see it…??? What a freak course that would be and how exciting???I think the basic problem with me is that I am bored of these traditional subjects such as the regular tech and science that have no relation to natural mechanisms. Not that they are not wonderful or something, Its just that they no longer lack the spark, They have become trite knowledge…Not only, they have been built on simpler mathematical models than nature itself, the simplicity of perfecting the practice had taken its toll on Nature. Human beings successfully have depleted the natural resources to great extents, warmed the whole damn globe, destroyed half of plant and animal life, increased the number of endangered species, we neatly disrupted the goddamn natural Rhythm of the universe.

Is this true or are our roles as intelligent beings is just this? The question at this stage has only answers in the spiritual dimensions….Just look at the number of climatic eccentricities and the wide spread eradication of life and property all round the earth. First there was tsunami, then the earthquake in china, and the chain of hurricanes in the Americas, then the earthquake in Jammu Kashmir… and those floods in south India like never before…the cyclones Oh! My god…. I don't know the explanations for all that…but I am inclined to believe that global warming could have something to do with it…But, the western science that we practice is not inclined too much towards the nature's way… Most of it relies on linear mathematical modeling and negligence of treating any system as inherently capable of change, evolution through conscious intelligence. In fact most of the natural systems are like that… We are like that. All life has been like that. A business organization demonstrates and stresses the same attitude to maximize the material returns. But the systems we design have progressed little on these fronts. But, Yahoo!!! We are inching towards that world… 

may be we are planning the next generation of mankind, a new species that actually looks down on these linear thinking humans…. 

Whatever it could be…I am fed of these regular stuff… A lot of solutions come by observing nature, I am actually feeling it these days… and yes! People are already doing it its right there as in the science of Biomimetics. This theory proposes that natural systems often have a right way of approach and of doing things… That’s incredulously true. See, I do not believe in creationism or anything… It's just that, nature is an exemplary masterpiece of optimized systems perfectly networks…

It's just a motivation to have our external world created on such lines…This is a pretty good starting website… that’s all for now, folks….


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